Attic Clean Up & Insulation

Attic clean up is the final step in resolving a problem with any animal invader in the attic.  Once you are a victim of ratsbatsraccoonssquirrels, or one of the less common attic invaders (opossumssnakes, birds, etc.), your insulation has been trampled.  So, at the very minimum the energy efficiency of your home has been compromised.  Additionally, there are usually droppings, urine, viruses, and bacteria left behind by the invading animal.  All of these need to be removed or treated.  Both the removal process and the treatment services often further reduce the energy efficiency of your attic.  We will restore your insulation value and make your attic space as good as new after your problem has been resolved.  Only then, is all the wild out.

Attic Restoration - clean insulation

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