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Get rid of bats fast.

Keep them from coming back.

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Restore damage from bats.


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Free and Thorough Inspection

We examine the building from top to bottom to find all the entry points. 

Safe and Humane Bat Removal

We get rid of any bats occupying your building. 

Critter Eviction Bat Control

We close up active and potential entry points to keep them out. Just like locking up your house when you leave.

Bat Guano Clean-Up, Sanitization, & Restoration

We will clean up droppings, and sanitize and restore damages to your property.

Our 4-Step Bat Removal Process

At Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on knowing how to get rid bats faster and better than the other guys.

Getting rid of bats in your attic or roof is a high risk job.  Due to the disease concerns that come with them, bats are the most dangerous animals we deal with.  Combining the disease risk with the fact that you can fit up to a hundred bats, of some species, in a one foot square, and you have a high probability of something going very wrong due to a bat invasion.

If you even suspect that you may have a bat problem,
please do not hesitate, call us immediately.  Some states, including Florida, have a blackout period during which bats cannot be removed without written permission from state regulators.  But during the legal season, your bat removal process will usually be completed in a few days.

Your bat removal process may contain as few as three steps, but most problems require a four steps removal process.  Click below for more info.


We guarantee we will deliver fully on the expectations we set.  We will get the wild out.

This is why our customers love our services.

What Customers Say About Us

Amazing service!!! Not only was he able to detect the problem but he went out of his way to make sure it doesn’t happen again!!! Highly recommended and on top of it a super nice guy!!! Very impressed!
Sara A

Brent was very professional and explained exactly what to expect during the process of ridding my house of a rodent issue. He found and secured three points of access on his first appointment. Three appointments total job was complete. If I, are a friend, should have an issues again. I know who to contact. Job well done Brent !!!

Lucky me I buy a house and find out some the old tenants never moved out…Squirrels and Rats. Daniel came out explained what he was going to do. Thoroughly inspected the house inside and out. Live trapped the unwanted guests and eliminated the rest. Then he blocked up the entry points and added more traps just in case. He had to come back as those slippery little guys may have found a very small whole..but Daniel was on it. He’s a great person, informative, nice, efficient. Definitley felt comfortable having him in my house. If you have never used a service like this it is pricely but worth it! I feel these guys will do whats needed eliminate the issue.
Dawn Q

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