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Bird control is an art that is performed in many different ways.  Most bird species are very well protected by either the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, The Endangered Species Act, or some other federal or state regulation.  You can still often take steps to resolve problems with birds, even if they are protected by the law.  However, these protections do not apply to some bird species, such as pigeons, sparrows, and starlings, due to the fact that they are invasive species.  Handling a bird problem for an unprotected species may differ significantly when compared to a protected species.  Either way, we can almost always do something about your bird problem, it is often just a question of difficulty and expense.

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Bird Netting

A bird net that has been properly installed prevents all bird species from accessing an area you want to keep them out of.  Bird netting is usually the most complete bird control solution.  Sometimes, it is the only possible solution to your problem.  An experienced bird net installer will leave you with a clean looking and highly effective physical bird control system.  However, net installation is often quite expensive.  Quality materials can be costly and the installation itself is labor intensive.

Other Physical Barriers

In addition to bird nets, there are some other physical barriers that can be installed to prevent birds from accessing places you do not want them.  Bird slopes are an option to keep birds off certain ledges.  And, plexiglass can be installed to keep birds from nesting in sign letters or other tight spaces.  Bird spikes are another option that many people use, however, they are not aesthetically pleasing and only work on certain species.

Bird Removal

In some situations we can control the bird populations with an intense trapping effort.  This is especially true with pigeons.  To be successful, bird trapping must be completed on a regular basis.  Most of our bird traps can catch more than one bird, so once they begin to enter, we usually will remove multiple birds on each trap check and, sometimes, dozens during a full trapping session.

Electrical Deterrent

Shock track, or jolt track, is an electrical bird deterrent commonly installed on store signs or on ledges or peaks of roofs to keep birds from roosting or nesting in these areas.  The electricity is metered down significantly and is delivered in pulses so any harm to birds is very minimal.  Like bird net, a well installed electrical bird deterrent system is highly effective in many circumstances and against other animals as well.  There are even electrical deterrent systems for trees to keep birds from hanging out over your favorite lawn chair.

Other Deterrents

The world of bird deterrents is vast and the effectiveness of the products varies greatly.  Some products are clearly effective but, maybe, only for some specific situations or species.  Your decision can get very cloudy due to the variety alone, but also the numerous marketing messages associated with them.  It is best to hire a professional to advise you before investing in a bird deterrent system.

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