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Meet the Team – Andy

At Wildout Animal and Pest Removal, our team extends beyond the field technicians who handle wildlife removal, and one of the essential members is Andy, our Sales and Service Administrator. Andy plays a critical role in ensuring that the right wildlife technician responds to our clients promptly. He also helps to manage content on our […]

Meet the Team – Joe

Meet Joe, one of the dedicated Wildlife Specialists at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Based in Lakeland/Polk County, Joe’s role encompasses various responsibilities, making him a valuable asset to the team. His tasks range from sales to exclusion work and trapping to completing regular stops. Additionally, being strategically located between Orlando and Tampa allows Joe […]

Meet the Team – Josh

Meet Josh, a seasoned Wildlife Specialist covering the greater Orlando area for Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. He plays a crucial role in the company’s mission to provide effective and humane wildlife removal solutions. His responsibilities primarily involve exclusion and trapping, but he also lends his expertise to help create educational content for the company’s […]

Meet the Team – Jacob

Meet Jacob, our newest technician at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Jacob joins our team with a wealth of knowledge and a strong commitment to helping the community with their wildlife and pest-related challenges. His role and responsibilities at Wildout revolve around assisting our clients in identifying and resolving wildlife and pest issues. He always […]

Meet the Wildout Team – Matt

Meet Matt, one of our dedicated wildlife technicians at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Matt is responsible for removing nuisance pests and wildlife from homes and residential properties. He also follows up every wildlife removal job with a comprehensive program to prevent them from coming back. But how did Matt find himself in the wildlife […]

Meet the Wildout Team – Chris

Meet Chris, the Tampa Market Manager at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. He wears many hats and plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our services. With his extensive experience in the wildlife removal industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the team. In his role, Chris handles a […]