Critter Eviction Wildlife Control

Critter eviction is at the core of most of our wildlife control services.  In most cases, trapping alone is not a sufficient defense against your animal problem.  This is especially true if there are animals in your attic.  Wildlife is often dangerous and disease ridden.  So, it is important that you protect your family or business from animal invasion. Removing animals from the attic or lawn does not keep others from getting in.  We will close up holes on the roof and around the house to prevent easy entry.  If your problem is in your lawn, we may be able to take measures to limit the access animals have to your yard or change the environment to make your lawn less appealing to them.  

Most of our critter eviction exclusion services are backed by a strong warranty that is renewable forever and transferable with the sale of your home.  The exception to this is in the case that we use products that have a limited manufacturer warranty, but those are few and far between.  At the conclusion of our initial inspection, you will know what your critter eviction options are and what warranty options come with them. Let us protect your property and give you peace of mind.

Critter Eviction Wildlife Control - raccoon in attic through hole in roof

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