Dead Animal Removal

Removal of dead animals from your attic or wall is a dirty, but necessary, job.  When the stench of decay tickles your nose, you want help as quickly as possible.  So we move you to the top of the priority list.  You do not want to stop there though.  How did it get in in the first place?  Why was is there? Why did it die? How do I make sure this does not happen again?  We will work through our five step dead animal removal process to resolve your problem and answer as many of these questions for you as possible along the way.
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Step 1: A Thorough Inspection and Dead Animal Location

In addition to finding the dead animal, we will be looking for clues during our inspection to figure out how the animal gained access to the building.  Depending on what type of wildlife has died in your attic or wall, we may also be looking for why it was there in the first place.  Opossums, for instance, often follow rats or squirrels into the attic space.  A dead animal in a building is usually indicative of a larger problem of some sort.  It is very uncommon for a single animal to access a building then die suddenly.

Step 2: Dead Animal Removal

Once we have located the source of your bad odor, we will manually remove it.  The difficulty of this process is determined by the temperature outside and the length of time the critter has been dead.  Location and removal of the carcass is the worst part of a dead animal removal process. 

Step 3: Spot Deodorization

After removing the dead animal from your home or business, we will treat the area where the carcass was found with a odor eliminator.  Our treatment is not a cover scent but a chemical that actually physically attacks the organic material that is causing the odor and eliminates it permanently.  

The job is not finished just because the dead animal is out and the smell has gone away.  You want to be sure this does not happen to you again.  Critter eviction will address the question regarding how the animal got in the building.  We will locate and seal up all active and potential animal entry points.  If rats or squirrels are the offending animal, or what lured the eventual dead animal in the first place, an ongoing service is required to make sure they do not return.  We will, of course, trap them all out, if there are any still living inside, before we close them in.

While the spot treatment eliminates the immediate odor caused by the dead animal, a full attic treatment and restoration is in the best interest of everyone living, or working, in the building.  The droppings, urine, and viruses that come along with animals are not something you want in your attic long term.  Our full treatment will eliminate all of those problems and our insulation service will bring your attic space back to a fresh, new feeling.  

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