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Dealing with Nuisance Birds in Hunter’s Creek, FL: A Guide for Homeowners and Business Owners

Dealing with nuisance birds can be a challenge for those living in or operating a business in Hunter’s Creek, FL. Birds like pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings cause significant problems for homes and businesses. In this guide, we will explain what nuisance birds are and identify the most common ones in the area. We will discuss how these birds cause trouble and provide tips for dealing with them. Lastly, we will highlight the benefits of calling on professionals like Wildout Animal and Pest Removal to manage bird infestations.

What Are Nuisance Birds?

Nuisance birds are birds that cause problems for humans by damaging property, creating noise, or spreading disease. These birds often live in urban or suburban areas where they can find easy food sources and nesting sites. In Hunter’s Creek, FL, nuisance birds can be a persistent issue for both homeowners and business owners.

Common Nuisance Birds in Hunter’s Creek, FL

Several types of birds can become a nuisance in Hunter’s Creek. The most common nuisance birds in this area include pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings. Other nuisance birds that may cause issues include crows, grackles, and seagulls. In this guide, we will focus on pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings.

1. Rock Pigeons (Columba livia)

Pigeons often inhabit urban areas. They are medium-sized birds with a gray body, iridescent neck feathers, and two dark bands on their wings. Pigeons are known for their ability to adapt to different environments. You can find them roosting on buildings, under bridges, and in other man-made structures.

2. House Sparrows (Passer domesticus)

House sparrows are small birds that adapt highly to various environments. They have stout bodies, short legs, and thick bills. Males have gray heads, white cheeks, and black bibs, while females are more uniformly brown and streaked. House sparrows often nest in buildings and other man-made structures, such as vents, eaves, and signs. They are very common in residential areas.

3. European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)

Starlings are medium-sized birds with a glossy black appearance that has a metallic sheen. Their feathers are speckled with white spots during the winter. They have short tails and long, pointed wings. Starlings often flock together in large numbers and can be very noisy and aggressive, especially during roosting periods.

Understanding which birds are causing issues in your area is the first step in effectively managing them.

How Nuisance Birds Cause Trouble

Nuisance birds can cause various problems for homeowners and business owners in Hunter’s Creek, FL. Each species brings its own set of challenges.

1. Pigeons

Pigeons are notorious for their droppings, which can be unsightly and corrosive. The droppings can damage buildings, statues, and vehicles. Pigeons can also carry diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis, which can be harmful to humans.

2. House Sparrows

House sparrows often nest in the nooks and crannies of buildings. Their nests can block vents, gutters, and drains, leading to water damage and other structural issues. They can also carry mites and other parasites that can infest homes and businesses.

3. Starlings

Starlings can cause significant damage to crops and gardens. They often flock in large numbers, which can lead to noise pollution and the fouling of public areas. Starlings are also known to outcompete native bird species for food and nesting sites.

These problems can be frustrating and costly, making it essential to address bird issues promptly and effectively.

Why Call Professionals for Bird Issues

Handling nuisance birds can be challenging and time-consuming. Here’s why it’s best to call professionals like Wildout Animal and Pest Removal:

1. Expertise

Professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify and deal with different types of nuisance birds.

2. Safety

Removing birds and their nests can be hazardous. Experts use safe and humane methods.

3. Efficiency

Professionals quickly and effectively address bird issues, minimizing damage and inconvenience.

4. Prevention

Experts provide advice and services to prevent future bird infestations.

5. Legal Compliance

Professionals ensure that bird removal follows all wildlife regulations, making the process legal and ethical.

By choosing professionals, you ensure that the job is done correctly and safely, protecting both your property and health.

Legal Considerations for Bird Removal

Removing nuisance birds is not always straightforward. There are legal considerations to keep in mind. Many bird species are protected under federal and state laws. For example, it is illegal to harm or kill migratory birds without a permit. Professionals like Wildout Animal and Pest Removal are familiar with these regulations and can ensure that bird removal is done legally and ethically.

Knowing the laws helps avoid potential legal issues and ensures that bird removal is conducted in a responsible manner.

Tips for Bird Infestation Prevention

Preventing bird infestations is often easier than dealing with an existing problem. Here are some tips to help keep nuisance birds away from your property:

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Birds are attracted to food. Keep your property free of food scraps, bird feeders, and uncovered trash.

2. Secure Trash Bins

Make sure trash bins have tight-fitting lids. This will prevent birds from scavenging for food.

3. Block Entry Points

Seal any holes or gaps in buildings where birds could enter and nest.

4. Use Bird Deterrents

Install bird spikes, netting, or other deterrents to make your property less attractive to birds.

5. Maintain Your Property

Regularly clean and maintain your property to remove potential nesting sites and food sources.

6. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Overgrown vegetation can provide shelter for birds. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed.

7. Install Motion-Activated Devices

Motion-activated sprinklers or lights can help scare birds away.

8. Educate Your Community

Work with your neighbors to implement bird prevention measures. A community effort can be more effective.

Follow these steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of a bird infestation and maintain a cleaner, safer environment.


Nuisance birds can be a significant problem for homeowners and business owners in Hunter’s Creek, FL. Pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings are common nuisance birds that can cause damage, spread disease, and create noise pollution. While it may be tempting to handle bird issues on your own, it’s best to call professionals like Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. They have the expertise, experience, and tools to deal with bird problems safely, legally, and efficiently.

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