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Meet the Team – Andy

Meet the Team – Andy

At Wildout Animal and Pest Removal, our team extends beyond the field technicians who handle wildlife removal, and one of the essential members is Andy, our Sales and Service Administrator. Andy plays a critical role in ensuring that the right wildlife technician responds to our clients promptly. He also helps to manage content on our website article blog and social media pages.

Andy finds the wildlife removal industry exciting and fulfilling. He loves the uniqueness of each day, as it brings various wildlife challenges to the team. For him, knowing that he contributes to swiftly and efficiently resolving stressful wildlife problems is satisfying. He sees himself as the superhero’s sidekick, supporting the technicians who are the real heroes in the company.

Andy may be new to the industry, but he brings crucial skills to his role. His organizational abilities and effective communication ensure that customer calls and website inquiries are handled efficiently.

Working closely with the field technicians, Andy has gained insights into wildlife removal cases. He was surprised at the prevalence of bat infestations in Florida, finding the videos and images of bats roosting in attics both fascinating and a bit eerie. He also discovered that bats are protected in Florida, and it’s not permitted to remove them from homes during their maternity season.

Wildout shines in its field because of the company’s integrity, ethical practices, and commitment to humane wildlife removal. Andy appreciates the honesty and professionalism of our technicians, who are willing to advise against actions that might be unethical or won’t solve the wildlife problem. Additionally, the team is dedicated to continuing education and helping each other to ensure client satisfaction while keeping animals safe.

To homeowners looking to prevent wildlife infestations, Andy recommends checking for gaps in roofs, siding, or vents regularly. Properly sealing these openings can go a long way in keeping wildlife from making your home their home.

Andy wants to clarify the misconception that a DIY approach to wildlife removal is a wise choice. He emphasizes the importance of hiring professional, licensed technicians who follow regulations, as attempting it on your own can lead to unsafe situations and legal issues.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and son and daughter. He has a lifelong passion for music, having been part of various performing ensembles such as marching bands, jazz bands, concert bands, saxophone quartets, and even a men’s barbershop choir.

Andy’s commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of our wildlife removal services is invaluable, and we’re proud to have him as part of the Wildout family.

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