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Meet the Team – Jacob

Meet the Team – Jacob

Meet Jacob, our newest technician at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Jacob joins our team with a wealth of knowledge and a strong commitment to helping the community with their wildlife and pest-related challenges. His role and responsibilities at Wildout revolve around assisting our clients in identifying and resolving wildlife and pest issues. He always strives to create a solution that will exceed the expectations of the customer he is helping.

Jacob’s journey into the wildlife removal industry was rooted in his childhood experiences growing up in the Smoky Mountains. Surrounded by diverse wildlife, he developed a deep respect for animals that contribute positively to the environment, as well as an understanding of the creatures that can pose problems for us as a species. Jacob’s grandfather, who worked in the field for over 15 years, ignited Jacob’s curiosity and passion at a young age.  His interest was further piqued by watching the show “Billy the Exterminator.”

Although Jacob is relatively new to the industry, his training and expertise have been honed by some of the very best professionals on our team. He brings fresh perspectives and a strong commitment to excellence to our ranks.

In the world of wildlife removal, every day brings its share of challenges and surprises. Jacob recalls a particularly memorable encounter when he was chased out of an attic by an angry raccoon. The raccoon emerged unexpectedly from a hole just a few feet away, and Jacob’s headlamp batteries were nearly dead, making it a truly jolting situation.

What sets Wildout apart is our commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients. We don’t view jobs as one-time paychecks; instead, we aim to provide a lifetime of peace of mind for our customers. Our goal is to ensure they never have to worry about future wildlife or pest-related issues.

One of Jacob’s most rewarding experiences involved a customer with multiple holes dug into their crawlspace. Initially believed to be the work of a cat, Jacob’s thorough inspection revealed multiple signs of cat activity and something more. By employing strategic trapping and creative solutions, Jacob uncovered a cohabiting duo of a feral cat and an armadillo inside the crawlspace, providing the customer with a comprehensive resolution.

Jacob approaches each job with a dual focus on the safety of both clients and the animals being removed. Safe removal methods tailored to specific species, temperature considerations, and environmental factors are all part of his approach. Jacob also offers sanitization and cleanup services to mitigate any health hazards left behind by the animals.

For homeowners looking to prevent wildlife infestations, Jacob advises comprehensive sealing of homes, from the ground to the roof and plumbing. Additionally, he recommends taking extra precautions to prevent pet food or garbage from being left out in the open, as these can attract unwanted animal visitors.

Jacob believes in dispelling misconceptions about his job and the industry as a whole. Wildlife removal is about safeguarding both people and animals while finding humane solutions to conflicts.

When Jacob helps a client resolve their wildlife problem and restore peace to their home, he feels a profound sense of happiness and pride. Knowing that he has made a positive difference in someone’s life and provided them with a safe and secure environment brings him satisfaction.

Beyond his work, Jacob has a passion for training dogs and is the proud owner of a 3-year-old Siberian Husky named Chill, a 5-month-old cat named Obsidian, and three pet Red Tail Boas – Sol, Kratos, and Kali. He has always had a deep connection with animals, enjoys fishing, and has a love for travel.

At Wildout Animal and Pest Removal, we are delighted to welcome Jacob to our family and look forward to the positive impact he will continue to make in our community.

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