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Meet the Team – Josh

Meet the Team – Josh

Meet Josh, a seasoned Wildlife Specialist covering the greater Orlando area for Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. He plays a crucial role in the company’s mission to provide effective and humane wildlife removal solutions. His responsibilities primarily involve exclusion and trapping, but he also lends his expertise to help create educational content for the company’s website and social media platforms.

Josh’s journey into the wildlife removal industry was paved with a deep-seated passion for wildlife. He started his career by working with a diverse range of animals in a nature park. His specialization focused on reptiles, including alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and both native and exotic snakes. Additionally, he contributed to wildlife rescue efforts, aiding in the care of injured native wildlife, particularly birds of prey. Given his background in construction, Josh found that the wildlife removal industry was a perfect fit, aligning with his interests and talents.

Having embarked on his career in wildlife removal in 2011, Josh has accumulated a decade of experience in the industry. He joined Wildout Animal and Pest Removal in 2021, bringing his extensive knowledge and skillset to the team. In addition to required licensing, his professional qualifications include an OSHA 10 certification, NWCOA Bat Standards certification, and completion of the North American Basic Trapper course. Josh also possesses expertise in operating aerial lifts up to 90 feet and performing Harness and Safety Line work. His experience extends to designing and installing large-scale commercial bird deterrent and exclusion systems.

In the wildlife removal field, each day brings unique challenges and memorable experiences. One such memorable job involved a 4:30 am call for a snake in a condo bathroom. Josh discovered that a neighbor’s ball python had escaped and ventured a few doors down. Fortunately, he was able to calmly retrieve the docile ball python and reunite it with its owner.

One thing that Josh says sets Wildout apart from other wildlife removal companies is the team’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. Despite being an experienced team, the professionals at Wildout are always exploring innovative ways to enhance their wildlife removal processes and deliver superior results for clients.

Josh’s expertise has made a significant difference in many cases, but one stands out. He was called to assist a client who had been battling a rat issue for over a year and a half. Despite multiple attempts by other companies, the problem persisted. During his inspection, Josh noticed a missing exterior plumbing ventilation stack in one of the bathrooms. Further investigation revealed a second attic that hadn’t been checked by previous technicians. Rats had been using the open plumbing ventilation stack to enter the house from the sewer. Josh installed a simple air admittance valve on the pipe, costing just $30, and the client never experienced a rat issue again.

Balancing the safety of both clients and the animals being removed can be challenging. Clients often want a swift resolution, but it’s essential to advocate for the well-being of the animals. As professionals, the team at Wildout takes on the responsibility of finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.

For homeowners seeking to prevent wildlife infestations, Josh’s advice is straightforward: “Call Wildout.” In all seriousness, having a professional wildlife removal expert assess the property is the best preventive measure. Their expertise can identify potential issues before they escalate into full-blown infestations.

Josh feels one common misconception about the industry is that wildlife removal professionals don’t like animals. While there might be exceptions, many in this line of work are driven by a genuine love for animals. They are committed to resolving wildlife issues as humanely and safely as possible, aiming for harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Helping clients solve their wildlife problems and restore peace to their homes is deeply rewarding for Josh. Clients typically reach out when they are distressed, and being able to apply his skills and talents to alleviate their concerns brings a sense of fulfillment. Josh’s dedication and expertise play a pivotal role in Wildout’s mission to provide effective and humane solutions to wildlife issues, ensuring that clients can enjoy a peaceful and wildlife-free environment in their homes. We are proud to have Josh as a part of our Wildout family!

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