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Meet the Wildout Team – Chris

Meet the Wildout Team – Chris

Meet Chris, the Tampa Market Manager at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. He wears many hats and plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our services. With his extensive experience in the wildlife removal industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the team.

In his role, Chris handles a multitude of responsibilities. From managing inbound leads for new customers to addressing questions and concerns from our valued clients, he is the go-to person for all things Wildout. Chris also takes charge of ordering materials and supplies for our technicians, ensuring they have the tools they need to get the job done efficiently. Additionally, he oversees the optimization of routes to maximize our reach and efficiency. Lastly, Chris plays a crucial role in hiring new employees and spearheads our marketing efforts to tap into new lead sources.

So, what led Chris down the path of wildlife removal? Well, it all started when he was offered a position at a pest control company in Panama City, Florida, where his older brother already worked. The allure of helping customers and getting his hands dirty to fix their pest-related problems was irresistible. And thus, his journey into the industry began.

With a remarkable 14 years of experience in the field, Chris has honed his expertise to perfection. He’s been an integral part of the Wildout team since August 2020, bringing his extensive knowledge and passion for helping people to our family.

Chris’s proficiency is backed by a range of certifications, including those in Rats, Bats, Birds, and zoonotic diseases. His background in woodwork, construction, utility work, and customer service further enriches his skill set.

One of the most memorable moments in Chris’s career involved a late-night rendezvous with baby raccoons in a wall while their mother watched from the attic. It’s just one example of the exciting and challenging situations he encounters regularly.

What truly sets Wildout apart is our dedication to finding solutions that others might overlook. Chris emphasizes that we go the extra mile to address our customers’ specific needs, offering only the services necessary to resolve their problems. We are committed to affordability and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

A shining example of Chris’s expertise making a significant difference is a case where a customer had been plagued by a rat problem for over a year. Despite previous attempts by other pest control companies, the issue persisted. However, Chris was able to identify an open plumbing pipe in their block wall. It was a problem overlooked by others, and Chris resolved it effectively.

When it comes to safety, both for our clients and the animals, Chris takes a meticulous approach. He ensures that traps are placed in locations that won’t harm the animals, and they remain inaccessible to our clients.

For homeowners seeking to prevent wildlife infestations, Chris advises being proactive rather than reactive. Preventative exclusion is not only cost-effective but also helps avoid the hassle and expense of trapping and cleanup resulting from animal-induced damage.

One common misconception Chris encounters is that wildlife removal is a straightforward job. In reality, it requires a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of various factors to excel. It’s not just about setting traps; it’s about comprehensive problem-solving.

For Chris, the ultimate satisfaction comes from helping clients solve their wildlife problems and restoring peace to their homes. It’s the reason he’s so passionate about his work at Wildout. He aims for nothing less than a heartfelt “thank you” and a 5-star review from every satisfied customer.

Beyond his professional life, Chris has an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters, Maya and Macy. His two dogs keep him on his toes and add plenty of excitement to his days. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and participating in sports that don’t require too much running.

Chris is more than just a Wildout technician; he’s a dedicated problem solver, a caring family man, and a valued member of our team. His commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to helping others make him a true asset to our company and a beacon of trust for our clients.

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