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Meet Matt, one of our dedicated wildlife technicians at Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Matt is responsible for removing nuisance pests and wildlife from homes and residential properties. He also follows up every wildlife removal job with a comprehensive program to prevent them from coming back.

But how did Matt find himself in the wildlife removal industry? Well, it all started with a realization after he moved to Florida. He saw a significant need for services like the ones Wildout provides and jumped at the opportunity to make a difference.

With about five years of experience under his belt, including the last two with Wildout, Matt has become experienced in his field. His background in wildlife and ecology education naturally transitioned into his current hands-on role as a technician.

One of the remarkable aspects of Matt’s job is the memorable and challenging experiences he encounters. From removing bats from an entire apartment complex to catching a bobcat at a school or extracting a water moccasin from a farmhouse, every day presents a new adventure.

So, what sets Wildout apart from the rest in the world of wildlife removal? According to Matt, it’s our commitment to continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry regulations. The entire team at Wildout is in constant communication to disseminate information quickly, enabling our technicians to stay ahead of the game.

Matt’s success stories speak volumes about his expertise. One such case involved a condo complex infested with bees. Matt’s hard work and expertise led to the safe removal of every nest, and within a week, the property was free of the buzzing intruders.

Balancing the safety of both clients and the animals is paramount for Matt. He always emphasizes that wild animals can be unpredictable, and even when trapped, caution is essential. Matt uses specialized equipment to handle them safely.

For homeowners looking to prevent wildlife infestations, Matt offers valuable advice. Regularly inspect your property for spots that collect standing water and eliminate potential food sources like fruit-bearing trees and uncovered garbage cans.

One misconception Matt wants to clarify is that they are often referred to as “exterminators.” In reality, their approach is integrated pest management. They work collaboratively with customers to prevent pests from entering homes rather than simply getting rid of them.

For Matt, the most rewarding part of his job is bringing peace and relief to clients by solving their wildlife problems. Knowing that he can make a positive impact on someone’s life motivates Matt to give his best.

Outside of his work at Wildout, Matt is a hobbyist musician with a lifelong love for playing the trombone. He has lent his musical talents to various endeavors, including orchestras, marching bands, men’s choirs, brass ensembles, and even a barbershop quartet.

Matt’s success is a testament to his expertise, his focus on safety and continuing education, and his passion to help customers. We’re proud to have Matt as part of our Wildout family!

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