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The Top 3 Weirdest Types of Bats Around the World

Bats, like bees, are important to our ecosystem because they are amazing little pollinators. No doubt they have been given a bad reputation, but the truth is, our world is much better with them in it. Interesting Bat Facts They are extremely adaptable and live on nearly every continent They are the only flying mammal […]

Landlord Pest Control: All You Need to Know

Having pests in your home is a problem many people have to deal with. Sometimes, it’s as easy as calling a pest control company and removing the pest. Other times, there are unclear lines about whose responsibility it is to take care of pest control. Where landlords are concerned, who is responsible, the landlord or […]

The Latest Mice Research 2021

Mice are amazing little creatures. You might not think so if one is running around your home or business, but we do learn a great deal about them in the world of science. The Feel Good Mice In some of the latest research from the University of California, researchers have discovered that mice have spontaneous […]

Commercial Pest Control and Why it Can Make or Break Your Business

The last thing you want roaming around your business is pests and that is why having commercial pest control can make or break your business. If you don’t have it, chances are you have pests. Reasons why commercial pest control can make or break your business: It can save you both time and money! Pests […]

Summertime Pests Most Likely to do Damage

With the heat comes more pests, it’s just the way it is. They no longer have to hibernate because the colder and rainy weather has gone away and so, the pests will come out to play. Every year, we all see this and we all have to find a way to cope with it. What […]

How Preventative Pest Control Works

Pests are a problem we all have to deal with at some point in our lives, it seems they are everywhere. The kitchen, bathroom, garden, and even the breakroom at work are just a few places that pests like to rummage through. They sneak in, find a food or water source, and set up camp […]

How Weather Affects Pests

As the season changes, the type of pest that roams our yards, homes or businesses changes too. Sometimes, ants are more of an issue, other times it’s bees and then during the colder months, it’s usually rodents. What the weather is doing outside has a huge effect on what type of pests roam near you […]

How Do Mice Fit in Small Spaces

Guide to Prepping For Summertime Pests

Summer is the time of the year when all the pests come out. It’s warm, sunny and there are more food services available during the summer season. This means that prepping for these pests should start in early spring. If summer is the season for pests to thrive, spring is the season when they truly […]

Most Common Attic Pests

Doing the Mouse Math: How Fast They Multiply

A single mouse will have about 30-35 babies a year. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed. Now, just picture that you have a single mouse living in your house for a year and you’ll see how mouse multiplying can lead to a huge problem. Here’s some knowledge on mice to show you […]

How Pests Affect Food Safety

Common Pest Problems in Commercial Property

Commercial property is filled with pest problems. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. Housing structures alone have a great deal to be concerned about when it comes to pests. From bed bugs to cockroaches, there is always a pest concern. And, of course, apartment complexes create a great cause […]