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Why Rodents Love Commercial Property

Rodents are a known issue for commercial property. They love to sneak into the smallest spaces and create damage through the entire building. They do this by chewing into walls, gnawing on electrical wires and leaving their droppings behind as they scurry from place to place. They can cause thousands of dollars of damage if […]

Keeping Mice Out Of Your Commercial Property

With summer just around the corner, it also means that mice are lurking in the corners as well. The warmer months are great for pests because they can move around more freely without the concern of frigid weather or rainy days. And, commercial properties are creme de la creme and of a mice paradise. Commercial […]

What is a Zombie Bee?

Honeybees are prey to many types of predators: reptiles, rodents, birds, and insects. Bees have to remain on alert to protect their hive and their queen. But, that’s not all, honey bees also have to protect themselves from turning into zombies. In general, colonies of honey bees are subject to both parasites and pathogens. It […]

Level Up Your Pest Control This Summer

Summer is closing in fast, which means more pests! Pests like ants, flies, mosquitoes, bees, cockroaches, and spiders are everywhere. If you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s time to set up an appointment with pest control. There are several reasons why pests are worse in the summer than in any other season. It’s hotter […]

How Do Mice Fit in Small Spaces

Why You Should Have Pest Control For Your Plaza Business

Plazas are a great place to have your business because everyone loves a one-stop-shop. If you can stop at one stretch of buildings and get everything you are looking for, why would you want to go anywhere else? While plazas are the “it” place for businesses, they are also a popular place for pests. Say […]

How Do Bees See Flowers?

Bees are amazing little creatures. Without them, our planet wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is. Bees pollinate our gardens, orchards, and fields. A third of the world’s food production is dependent on bees. They make honey, which adds a little sweetness to our lives. Bees massively help our environment, but sadly they are endangered. […]

How Do Mice Fit in Small Spaces

Why is Pest Control Considered Home Maintenance?

Home maintenance is anything that keeps your home clean, safe, and well protected so of course, pest control is included in that. Pests can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, we’re talking about $60,000 or more depending on the pest infestation. Let’s not forget that they carry diseases as well, creating an unsanitary issue […]

How to Avoid These Five Common Spring Pests

Spring and Summer are two times of the year that send pests into a scurry to find a safe place to nest and find food and water. It’s also the time of the year when most people like to sit outside and bask in the sun, which is hard to do with pests flying around. […]

Pest Prevention For Your Business During Spring 2021

Some businesses are returning to normal and that means pest prevention is even more important than it’s been the past year. Pest control is always necessary, but it’s even more important when people are coming to your business and of course, to protect your employees. There should be a zero-tolerance policy for pests at your […]

Different Types of Bees

With the Spring season creating a beautiful vibe of sunshine and new growth around us all, our friendly flying bees are also circling the air. Bees are an important part of the ecosystem because they pollinate plants to help them grow. During the Spring season, bees are looking for sheltered spaces to make nests and […]

How To Pest-Proof Your Attic

When the weather turns warmer, you’d think that there would be less worry about pests in your attic, but you have more to worry about. Why? Because pests come out of hibernation to gather food and find a place to nest in. Your attic is the perfect hotspot travel destination for spiders, stink bugs, roaches, […]