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Why Do We Use Wildlife Experts When We Provide Bat Removal Services?

Why Do We Use Wildlife Experts When We Provide Bat Removal Services?

Bats are often feared due to the myth and folklore that surrounds them. For example, a bat is often associated with vampires, most popularly Dracula.

Take a look at some of these bat fun facts:
● There are more than 1,300 bat species in the world
● Some bats weigh less than a penny
● Others have a wingspan of 6 feet
● They are a vital part of our ecosystem for many reasons
● One bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour
● They will not attack you, they are gentle creatures
● Less than one percent of bats carry rabies
● They are shy and intelligent
● They can live for 40 years
● Bats carry up to 60 infectious diseases

Bats are not mammals who need to be feared at all. Actually, they are very adorable critters. Just maybe not so adorable to have in your home. If you have a bat infestation or just one of the little guys flying in or around your home, they can become a nuisance quickly.

Most often, they can be found in a shed or in the attic because these are dark, cool spots. If you see unexplained oily streaks, hear squeaky sounds in your attic, see bats flying around your home or see bat droppings, chances are- you have a bat infestation.

Getting rid of bats however, is a high risk job. There are some disease concerns when it comes to the little guys. So it’s important that you call in some professionals to help you out. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can help you out.

In states like Florida, there are laws against removing bats without written permission from state regulators. This is known as a blackout period. During legal season, we can have any bat(s) removed from your property in a matter of days.

Here’s how our process works:
First, we start with a free inspection. We need to know where the bats are gaining entry into you home.
Next, we evict them. Since we cannot trap bats, we need to spend some time closing up all the entry points that we have found. When the state is going through a blackout period, we will take the necessary steps to make sure your bat problem doesn’t become worse.

The third step is eliminating the bats completely where we install a one-way door which allows bats to leave, but doesn’t allow them to re-enter your home. These doors are generally left up for four days and then removed once all that bats have vacated.

Lastly, we will restore any damage that has been done. Bats like to hide out in attics like many other animals because it’s dark and cool. Bat droppings collect just like other droppings and can be hazardous to your health. We will eliminate odors and replace insulation wherever needed.

Wildout wants to create a stress-free and positive environment for not only our customers, but also the animals. We want to build relationships, trust, and it is our mission to minimize stress for our customers, pests and coworkers.

Have a bat problem?
Wildout can help: 1-844-WILDOUT. Call today! Not only will they rid your property of any and all wildlife, they will also help to repair any damage and set-up regular visits to prevent any critters from returning.

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