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What is Animal Wildlife Removal

What is Animal Wildlife Removal? How to Keep Yourself Safe.

We’ve all seen them. They are under the house, digging in the trash cans, or causing some ruckus in the attic. I’m talking about those furry little critters who look cute but can cause major damage and carry diseases.  To name a few: Armadillos, bats, beavers, bees, birds, boars, coyotes, deer, foxes, gophers, groundhogs, hogs, mice, moles, opossums, raccoons, rats, skunks, snakes, and squirrels

These little or even sometimes, big critters can cause a lot of damage around homes and businesses. Typically, there are different elements around a home or business that could draw them in such as piles of scrap building material, buildings next to large open fields and/or food that is left out. All critters are looking for food to eat and a place to rest. If you’re supplying this for them, they will start to nest in and around you. 

Common Wildlife Issues and Reasons to Have Them Removed:
Spread of Disease: There are many diseases that come from critters but the most prevalent one is rabies which comes from bats, opossums, raccoons, and skunks. There is no cure for rabies, it’s 100 percent fatal. So, wildlife is nothing to play around with and removing them yourself is not recommended. They also can carry fleas and ticks, which also carry disease among other things. 


  • Destroys electrical systems, cable and telephone wires, ventilation system-all
    can start a fire
  • Destroys fences, gardens, waste containers
  • Structure damage-holes, chips, leaks, wall panelling, roof, ceiling, chimney,
    decks, sheds
  • Destroys screens and windows
  • They create holes so that other critters, big or small, can come in later on
  • Can die in walls leaving a very foul odor 
  • Leave droppings behind

Removing Wildlife Yourself:

Protected Wildlife:
There is certain wildlife such as skunks, snakes, squirrels, and raccoons that are protected in some states. Therefore, a special permit or license is required before the animals can be removed, even if they are on your property. Some states have specific game seasons for these critters. Most people are unaware of the differences between a venomous and non-venomous snake, so this is one type of critter that people are required to call the wildlife department over before removal. 
Not For Sale:
Selling or even giving away a critter that is in your home or around your office building is not only considered inhumane, but most states find it illegal. Animals must be disposed of humanely. They cannot be kept alive or trapped on the property. 

In most states, it is illegal to kill critters on your property, even if they are damaging it.

Your best solution is to call a wild animal removal company that can help you. Wild animal removal services are the safest way to remove wildlife from a business or a property. Not only can a service remove all wildlife from the premises, but most companies will also even repair the damage left behind no matter where it is -attic, yard, etc. The service can also take measures to make sure that the chances of wildlife returning are zero due to regular check-in’s that deter the population of wildlife. 

Companies like Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can give your home or business a thorough inspection and move any wildlife they see. You might be surprised at what they find. If you have some critter woes going on, give them a call today: 1-844-WILDOUT

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