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What is a Zombie Bee?

Honeybees are prey to many types of predators: reptiles, rodents, birds, and insects. Bees have to remain on alert to protect their hive and their queen. But, that’s not all, honey bees also have to protect themselves from turning into zombies. In general, colonies of honey bees are subject to both parasites and pathogens. It […]

How Do Bees See Flowers?

Bees are amazing little creatures. Without them, our planet wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is. Bees pollinate our gardens, orchards, and fields. A third of the world’s food production is dependent on bees. They make honey, which adds a little sweetness to our lives. Bees massively help our environment, but sadly they are endangered. […]

Different Types of Bees

With the Spring season creating a beautiful vibe of sunshine and new growth around us all, our friendly flying bees are also circling the air. Bees are an important part of the ecosystem because they pollinate plants to help them grow. During the Spring season, bees are looking for sheltered spaces to make nests and […]

Five Fall Facts About Wasps

Fall is right around the corner and while most insects like to take the time to hibernate, some insects use fall as their prime season.  Wasps include a lot of different insect species, but typically when you hear the word wasp, you start to think about flying insects that have yellow and black markings and […]

The Amazing Bee

Bees are awesome for our ecosystem. In fact, there is no other insect in the world that can do what a bee does to keep our ecosystem running so well. Not too mention the fact that they make some awesome, healthy honey.  Bees are amazing for many reasons, but more prominently for their ability to […]

Five Mosquito Myths

No matter where you live, chances are high mosquitoes are a problem for you. Summertime seems to be the worst time for them. People are usually going camping or trying to enjoy some time out on the porch and before they know it, they have these itchy bumps all up and down their arms and […]

A Mosquito’s Attraction

We all have that one person in our lives who says, “The mosquitoes love me!” Maybe, you are that one person. Either way, it’s simply true, mosquitoes do prefer some people over others. From what a person wears to a person’s scent, mosquitoes are either drawn in or repelled.  Mosquitoes tend to gravitate toward objects […]

The New Threat: Giant Hornets

If you’ve been browsing social media lately, chances are high that you’ve seen posts about giant hornets. When these posts first started appearing, a lot of people blew them off. After all, this news surfaced not too long after the pandemic hit. So, naturally people started to think it was the news blowing things up. […]

How to Identify Stinging Insects Based on Their Nests

It is that time of year again, the spring and summer months always bring in a lot of stinging insects. Bees, wasps and hornets are a dime a dozen and what’s worse is that they tend to build nests in and around homes.  All of these insects are important pollinators within the environment so it’s […]

Bee Removal Step Process

During spring and summer, bees look for a new place to build a home. While residential homes and commercial properties are perfect options for the bees, it is not ideal for owners. Therefore, bee hives are a common issue where exterminators are called. But, that can be the worst thing to do for bees and […]

Unusual Bee Facts

Bees are everywhere and now that it’s spring, we will be seeing a lot more of them. They are an important part of the ecosystem and without them, our planet would look a lot more bleak.   Bees are amazing little insects with so much potential, here are some unusual bee facts that you probably didn’t […]