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Deadliest Diseases Rodents Carry

Rodents are not pests that you want to see in your home for many reasons: they breed frequently and in large numbers, they can cause a massive amount of damage, and of course, they carry many diseases. Diseases that can be very harmful to humans and cause a multitude of different ailments such as vomiting, […]

The Latest Mice Research 2021

Mice are amazing little creatures. You might not think so if one is running around your home or business, but we do learn a great deal about them in the world of science. The Feel Good Mice In some of the latest research from the University of California, researchers have discovered that mice have spontaneous […]

Why Rodents Love Commercial Property

Rodents are a known issue for commercial property. They love to sneak into the smallest spaces and create damage through the entire building. They do this by chewing into walls, gnawing on electrical wires and leaving their droppings behind as they scurry from place to place. They can cause thousands of dollars of damage if […]

Keeping Mice Out Of Your Commercial Property

With summer just around the corner, it also means that mice are lurking in the corners as well. The warmer months are great for pests because they can move around more freely without the concern of frigid weather or rainy days. And, commercial properties are creme de la creme and of a mice paradise. Commercial […]

How Do Mice Fit in Small Spaces

How Do Mice Fit in Small Spaces?

At the first sign of a mouse, people usually shriek and head in the other direction. These tiny little pests strike fear in even the tallest humans.  Musophobia, a fear of rodents is a very common phobia. People fear rodents because they have a long history of causing illness for humans as far back as […]

Mice Are Shrinking, What’s to Blame?

It’s been stated that in colder climates, species tend to get larger while in warmer climates, species tend to shrink.  Because the planet’s climate is getting warmer, does that mean that all species will shrink over time?  To test that theory, a North American deer mouse was used in a study published in Scientific Reports, […]

What’s The Difference Between a Mouse and a Rat?

You may not care what type of rodent just scurried across your floor, but you may want to know the difference anyway. That’s because there are different methods used to rid your home of both types. Mice and rats are different in a lot of ways, but mostly in size. Rats are bigger in general. […]

With Winter Near, Mice Will Appear

“Not even a mouse was stirring” won’t apply to your holiday traditions this year unless you get an early start on pest control. Due to this year’s series of unfortunate events, mice and rats are out more than ever and they are looking to stay warm in your home, maybe forever.  Mice create damage no […]

How Susceptible is Your Home to Rat/Mouse Damage?

Fall and winter are the prime time for rats and mice because they love to burrow into a warm place. This means that there are more rodents found in homes during this time of the year.  To find out how susceptible your home is to rat and mouse damage, you simply have to ask yourself […]

Rats and the Pandemic

Rats are seen more prominently in the days of the pandemic because most people are still staying indoors. Typically, rats are able to feed on what humans leave behind on a daily basis. They come out at night to forage for the goods humans have dropped, which allows them to eat well during the day. […]