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The Aggressive Rats and Other Covid-19 Pests

Most restaurants closed down this past May and many of them have not opened back up for business. This has caused quite a stir among the rodent world. In fact, many rodents were found to be showing “unusual or aggressive” behavior in their search for food, according to the CDC. They have even turned on […]

Rodents and Their Diseases

Rodents have always been a point of contention when it comes to history. Some people think they are ugly, some people think they are adorable. Some people use them in research experiments and some people fight for “Rodent Lives Matter too!” The scale goes back and forth depending on who you talk to, but one […]

Four Ways You Could Be Attracting Mice

Having mice or even rats in your home or business is no fun. Not only can they spread disease, they can contaminate food supplies and usually chew up electrical wires, pipes and even, wood structures. They can turn a dream home into a nightmare very quickly.  Mice have the same essential needs that humans have. […]

Five Interesting Facts About Rats You Didn’t Know!

Originating from Asia and Australia, rats can now be found all over the world. Similar to mice, rats are thinner, lengthier and have longer legs. Typically, rats are about 5 inches long or longer. There are more than 60 species of rat. Most commonly known are the Norway rats (brown) and the pack/roof rats (black).  […]

Rat Removal Services in Orlando to Tampa, FL

Most people feel that the only time rats are cute, is in a cartoon. Charlotte’s Web for instance, has an adorable rat named Templeton. Outside of that, most people find rats to be disgusting and full of disease. One is an opinion and the other one is fact. Rats do carry a lot of diseases. […]