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Five Tips to Help With Your Raccoon Problem

Raccoons can look cute and cuddly, but they can cause a lot of damage. They are looking for shelter and food and spend most of their time either sleeping or foraging. They are very adaptable so even when you think they can’t get into your pet food containers, think again. 

Most commonly known as trash pandas for their love of digging through trash, raccoons spend their time looking for vegetables, fruit, meat and small bugs. They are very good at climbing and they are nocturnal creatures. While they are adorable to watch and have the cutest human-like hands, it’s important to remember that they are pests and they will and do cause damage. They also carry diseases, too.

Five Tips to Keep In Mind About Raccoons

  1. Raccoons Love Trash

If you have trash cans in your yard, which most people do, make sure that they are sealed extra tight. Raccoons have the ability to open trash cans. Make sure that you also dispose of your garage frequently. If you have a lot of trash piled up in your yard, it is everywhere a trash panda wants to be. If you cannot dispose of the garbage daily, then make sure you have some really air-tight lids so that it makes them that much harder to open. Once a raccoon can get in, so can other pests. 

  1. Raccoons are Sneaky

Racoons enjoy getting into many different types of places and they can find entry points that you didn’t even know existed. Raccoons can use chimney’s or small cracks in your roof to gain access to your home. If it’s big enough for a raccoon to climb through, chances are high you’ve got other pests too. 

  1. Raccoons Love the Dark 

Dark spaces are a safe haven for any raccoon. They do not like light and they can see perfectly in the dark. Motion detection lights can help prevent raccoons from coming into your yard because they simply do not like the light. A flashing or strobe light is even better. 

  1. Raccoons Love to Tend Garden

If you plant it, they will come. Raccoons love watermelon and corn, so if you grow this type of vegetation, expect to see a few of them in your garden. 

  1. Raccoons Don’t Like to Jam

Playing loud music makes raccoons fearful and so they will run away if they hear it. You can play this through the night to keep them away, if you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors. 
Raccoons are very active creatures who love to rummage through the trash to find your leftovers. Their human-like hands allow them a versatile option at gaining access to things that other animals can’t get into. If you have a raccoon problem, don’t delay in calling a professional in to help you get rid of it. Raccoons can carry different types of diseases and you don’t want to worry about transmission. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can come into your home and find out how the raccoon has gained entry and get rid of it in a safe and humane way. Just give them a call today! Call: 844-945-3688

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