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How Preventative Pest Control Works

Pests are a problem we all have to deal with at some point in our lives, it seems they are everywhere. The kitchen, bathroom, garden, and even the breakroom at work are just a few places that pests like to rummage through. They sneak in, find a food or water source, and set up camp […]

Why is Pest Control Considered Home Maintenance?

Home maintenance is anything that keeps your home clean, safe, and well protected so of course, pest control is included in that. Pests can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, we’re talking about $60,000 or more depending on the pest infestation. Let’s not forget that they carry diseases as well, creating an unsanitary issue […]

How To Pest-Proof Your Attic

When the weather turns warmer, you’d think that there would be less worry about pests in your attic, but you have more to worry about. Why? Because pests come out of hibernation to gather food and find a place to nest in. Your attic is the perfect hotspot travel destination for spiders, stink bugs, roaches, […]

How Much Money You Could Save By Hiring Pest Control

When people think about pest control one thing that is always on the mind is cost. How much will it cost to have my home and/or business pest-free? Is it worth it? Do pest control treatments work? When pest control is done right, you are getting a pest-free environment for less than the amount of […]

Do You Have Pests in Your Attic?

Picture it. You’ve just popped a huge bowl of popcorn and you’ve gotten into a comfy position on your couch to watch the long-awaited movie you’ve seen previews for, for months now. You’ve just hit the play button to start the movie when you hear something run across your attic floor. Is it a mouse? […]

When is a Pest Problem an Infestation?

Pests make it hard to enjoy a home or business because they can carry potentially harmful diseases. Seeing pests here or there can be common among both homes and businesses, but where there is one, there is a chance for more. So, how do you know when your home or business is infested? Active Pests […]

Why Should You Restore Your Attic Post Pest Infestation

The amount of damage that pests can do to an attic is mind-blowing. There are so many different parts of the attic to be concerned about: wires, foundation, insulation, etc. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin and of course, just thinking about the amount of work it’s going to take to restore it is […]

How Pests Affect Food Safety

Pests like rodents can look cute and cuddly sometimes. Need an example? Stuart Little and Ratatouille are prime examples of how those little pests can look cute. But, don’t be fooled. These pests and many others pose a huge threat when it comes to the safety of our food. Three main pests cause contamination issues:  […]

Most Common Attic Pests

When you hear noises in the attic, it’s never a good sign. Scratching and scurrying is generally a sign of some type of pest that has invaded your home. Pests can gnaw and chew up electrical wires and are a huge culprit in attic fires.  Common Attic Pests Rodents are the most common type of […]

What You Should Know About Pantry Pests

With the holidays approaching, more people tend to spend a lot more time in their kitchens baking. Our pantries are filled with lots of goods to keep us warm and cozy. But, one thing we don’t want to find in there are those pesky pantry pests.  Pests can be found in pantries that hold dry […]