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How Seasons Impact Pest Patterns

How Seasons Impact Pest Patterns

Pests are always generally looking for the same things: warmth, shelter, and food. But, not necessarily in that order. Pests of all types are attracted to residential homes because they can find all three, usually wrapped up in a nice tight bow (depending on the season). 

As the weather changes, the type of pest that homeowners or renters have to deal with changes as well. 

The Awakening (Spring)

Spring is the time of year where pests start mating so that they can produce more pests to bug us all. Ice melts and warmer temps start to fill the area, and yes, flowers start to bloom. Since these flowers need to be pollinated, we tend to see all kinds of pests flying around like wasps and bees. But, let’s not forget about all those ants who are now searching for higher ground. Naturally, because spring is mating season, it also means that pests are looking for protected places to build their nest. 

Spring Tip: Keep an eye on window sills around your home, watch for insect wings or ant invasions.

The Sunshine (Summer) 

Summer is the time of the year when we all see the most pests. From ants to bees to mosquitoes, they are everywhere. However, summer is also the time when you will find more pests out of your home because they can find everything they are looking for (food, shelter, and warmth) outside.  But, that is where people like to be during the summer too, which means that bug bites are endless during this season. Wasps tend to build nests in either home or on porches too, which can make enjoying a nice summer day more of a hassle. 

Summer Tip: Take note of problem areas during the summer and get an early start on pest control. 

 The Falling (Autumn)

To prepare for the colder months ahead, both pests and insects will start to seek out a warm shelter to settle into. This means you may start to see more spiders, ladybugs, or other pests in your home. Larger pests may start to enter your home as well like squirrels, birds, raccoons, or bats. 

Autumn Tip: Take a few moments to check your roofing, foundations, and windows to make sure that everything is sealed up tightly. Pests can get in through any type of crack. Proper home maintenance can reduce the chance of pests entering your home during this season. 

The Hibernation (Winter)

Colder weather means that pests are scurrying for a warm place to hide. Bees and wasps tend to find shelter in logs and trees, while others turn to their nymph, egg, or larvae stages. But, others are looking at your nice warm home for all their winter needs. Chances are, they have already burrowed in for a long, cold winter. 

Winter Tip: Call your pest control early. Don’t wait until winter hits, make sure you start maintaining your pest control before pests start looking at your home from their creature comforts. 
Seasons change to bring in new life and new pests that will wreak havoc on our homes, gardens, and yard. But, you don’t have to deal with that hassle. Instead, Wildout Animal and Pest Control can take care of any pests for you and decrease the chances of them coming back. Just give us a call today: 844-945-3688

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