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At Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, we pride ourselves on knowing how to get rid rats faster and better than the other guys.  Effective rat removal requires a five step process which will lead to resolving the current problem, preventing future problems, and returning the home or business to a better than new condition.  Rats are extremely prolific, one mated pair can produce thousands of offspring in a year and each of those babies reaches sexual maturity in about three months.  An infestation can grow to hundreds of thousands of rats within a few years if left untreated.  That’s a lot of rat poop!  Not to mention, they do considerable damage by gnawing on pipes, wires, fascias, vents, roofs, and other parts of your house.  Due to their gnawing habits, it is estimated that rodents cause 8% of all house fires in the U.S.  Do not settle for anything less than a solution that provides complete protection from rats in your home or business.  See below for more information on our five step solution.  We will protect you.  

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Step 1: A Thorough Free Inspection

You cannot get rid of rats until the source of the problem is identified.  Our expert team will determine how rats are getting into the building before offering a possible solution.  We often find entry points on roofs, in crawlspaces, and along plumbing and ac lines.  Due to the wide variety of possible problem areas, we will examine the entire building from top to bottom. 

Step 2: Get Rid of the Rats

After determining the entry points, the rats currently occupying the structure must be removed.  Rats, and other rodents, are biologically forced to gnaw regularly and vigorously in order to maintain the length of their teeth.  Rodents front teeth grow continually, but gnawing keeps them at a reasonable length.  There are a number of things in attics and walls (electrical lines, plumbing pipes, etc.) that you do not want to be gnawed on.  You must get rid of rats that are invading your home or business as quickly as possible.  Rat traps are only the beginning of the rat removal process and can be compared to putting a small bandage on a cut that needs stitches. Therefore, we offer a complete solution to fully mend your injured property.

Our critter eviction process will control your rodent problem by closing up active and potential entry points.  Closing only active entry points does not solve a rat problem. You can compare this to locking yourself out of your front door.  When this happens, you try all the other doors and windows before giving up.  Rats will do the same thing.  We must lock all the possible doors and windows to minimize the chances of rodent reentry.  In addition, we will add a deterrent to prevent rats from wanting to be in these areas long enough to gnaw their way back through.

Step 4: Population Control

Removal of rats cannot be complete without a population control service. Rats can gnaw through concrete and steel.  Therefore, it is impossible to fully protect a property against reentry if an excessive population exists on the property.  Our service includes regular monitoring of the population around the property.  We create a customized population reduction plan for each property and adjust it regularly to create the best possible protection for your property with minimal impact on the environment.

Rats leave scent markers everywhere they go so they can find their way home. These markers will also attract other rats who assume the markers are pointing to a safe environment.  Additionally, they leave a trailing mess of rat poop throughout your attic once they have gained entry. Our restoration process will treat the attic space with products to remove scent markers and breakdown droppings.  After we treat it, we will add insulation, if needed, in order to return the attic space to the condition it was in before the rats ever arrived in the first place. 

Damage Rats Cause

Having rats and mice getting comfortable in your home can carry a lot of risks. Rodent infestations not only can cause a great deal of damage to your house but also pose a threat to you and your family. In this situation, time is of the essence – rats and mice breed at a rapid pace and are also highly intrusive animals. Getting rid of them as quickly as possible is crucial if you want to avoid a lot of damage.

Rats and mice tend to gnaw and chew, which can cause structural damage to any type of building. They also damage the spaces by nest-building and defecation. 

Below is a list of what to look for when investigating space damaged by rats and mice.

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Carefully inspect your insulation for trampled down areas, paths, and tunnels. Damaged insulation will result in issues with regulating temperature in your home, which means spending extra money on heating and air conditioning – and who wants to pay higher bills?

Wires and Pipes

As mentioned before, rodents love to chew on anything that stands in their way – wire, pipe, or anything laying around in your attic. This behavior not only causes serious damage that needs costly replacing but can also lead to a more dangerous problem. Exposed wires can be a serious fire risk, especially if you are not aware of them and leave them unfixed for too long.

Furniture & Personal Items

There are things that can be damaged by rodents and still easily be fixed or replaced. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to our personal things such as photo albums, vintage furniture, and so on. Anything that is stored in the area where the rodents decide to stay will most likely be chewed, scratched, or even covered in urine and feces. 

Excrement & Diseases

This becomes a very serious problem when the number of rats or mice in your building is quite high and they have been in a certain space for a long time. Rodents leave urine and feces that can carry diseases such as Salmonellosis or Hantavirus. Moreover, getting rid of the excrement and a foul smell requires a serious deep clean-up or even calling special services to help you with it – for example when the urine has soaked into wood structures. It is also important to know that the smell can attract more wildlife, so getting rid of it is absolutely crucial.

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