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The Dangers of Squirrels in and Around Your Home

If you ever spent time watching squirrels, the first thing you’ll tend to notice about them is that they are adorable. They are always depicted as cute and furry in any animated TV show. Perhaps, what most people don’t tend to notice is all the havoc squirrels can create in and around their homes.

While most of the time, squirrels usually tend to stick to the outside, they do love to find places to burrow. If you start to see a lot of squirrels around your home or start to hear noises in your walls or ceiling, it’s possible that you have a squirrel problem. They dig, they scratch , they scurry and that means it’s easy to define a squirrel as an issue. If you start to notice chewed up siding, gutters or trimming around your home, chances are high that the damage belongs to one or a few squirrels.

While they are fun to watch around your yard, you don’t want them in your home because they love to chew on things. They have strong and sharp teeth that can chew small holes into your walls and roof. They also like to chew on wires, which can cause a fire. In fact, squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires annually.

They can also reproduce fast, so a whole colony can end up taking over your home and your yard in a matter of months, if you do not find a way to get rid of them. That  is a lot of noise and a lot of chewing. This can also lead to a weakening in the roof structure. This can allow water to leak through when it rains, which in turn can cause severe water damage.

Squirrels can also damage your yard. Starting with your trees, they chew on tree branches and strip the bark from tree limbs. This can make trees look less aesthetic and overtime, it can also lead to the death of a tree limb or the entire tree.

By having the ability to spread disease, this also makes squirrels a huge problem to have around. Typically, they do not live past four years because they carry so many diseases. They also carry pests that cause diseases like fleas, ringworms and ticks. Having them around increases the risk of you or a family member contracting a disease.

They can also destroy your plant life because they are constantly searching for a food source. So if you have a garden, you will find a lot of squirrels who like to hang out there. Not only do they eat all your  fruit and vegetables, they can also leave pests behind.

Exterior damage is another issue that squirrels can cause around the home. As mentioned before, they love to chew on things so they can chew on lots of outside electrical wires as well as plumbing and overhanging tree limbs. They can also create nests in places that can block pathways, such as water drains. Sometimes, they can also get stuck inside your chimney or inside a wall and this can cause them to die, leaving a pungent odor behind.

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