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When is a Pest Problem an Infestation?

When is a Pest Problem an Infestation?

Pests make it hard to enjoy a home or business because they can carry potentially harmful diseases. Seeing pests here or there can be common among both homes and businesses, but where there is one, there is a chance for more. So, how do you know when your home or business is infested?

Active Pests

Seeing active pests in or around your home or business could signify that you have an infestation. By learning about the different types of pests, you can learn what type of pest leads to infestation like termites or ants. Pests are good about hiding, especially in dark, cool places. So make sure that you search your home well if you’ve seen a pest. They like to hide in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Dead Bugs

Are you finding insect carcasses around your home? These are the most common indoor frames or window sills. If you see dead bugs, there are probably some live ones hanging around too. Be sure to check window ledges, the basement, and attics for any dead bugs.

Nesting Findings

Pests are not clean and so there will be some defining evidence that lets you know that a pest is making your home their home. Nesting materials are something that a lot of pests tend to leave behind. Usually, shreds of paper are a clear sign that some sort of rodent is making a cozy place in your attic or basement.


Again, pests are not clean and therefore, you will find their droppings. This is especially the case with rodents, they drop all the time and everywhere. So, if you are starting to see a lot of small black lines in a certain area of your home or business, you have a rodent infestation.


To get into your home/business and to find food, pests usually have to chew away at something, and therefore, gnaw marks are a clear sign that you have been infested with some sort of pest. Likely, it’s a rodent. However, small bugs tend to leave these same markers too.

Mounds of Dirt

Ants will build a mound of dirt if they have found a safe dry place to make a home. So this is also a sign that your home or business has been infested with ants. Check along with your fence lines because most of the time, that’s where ants tend to set up camp.

Pest infestations are no fun and they can cause a lot of damage to one’s home or business. If you believe that you have been infested, contact Wildout Animal and Pest Removal to find out how you can get a free thorough inspection of your home.

Wildout can also help to remove any pests and use preventive measures to decrease the risk of them coming back.

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