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Mole Damage to Your Yard/Mole Damage to Homes

Moles are creatures who live underground and eat insects for a living. They dig tunnels and are often the culprit when a yard and garden has been destroyed. Due to the nature of these tunnels, it becomes even easier for other pests to take over your yard and/or garden, too. Generally, moles are found where […]

What You Should Know About Mole Removal

Moles are mostly known for their tunneling ability so it’s not very hard to notice when you have a mole problem.  But, here are some clues to define the issue: Large piles of dirt Ridges running across the yard General destruction of yard Ground feels a bit spongy Moles like to live in solitude underground, […]

The Dangers of Squirrels in and Around Your Home

If you ever spent time watching squirrels, the first thing you’ll tend to notice about them is that they are adorable. They are always depicted as cute and furry in any animated TV show. Perhaps, what most people don’t tend to notice is all the havoc squirrels can create in and around their homes. While […]

Why are Bats Protected in the State of Florida?

If you have a bat problem and live in Florida, you might find that getting rid of a bat becomes more of a nuisance than the bat itself. In Florida, a bat cannot be killed, trapped, poisoned, fumigated or exterminated. Also, during maternity season, bats are protected and cannot be removed from your property or […]

Standing Armadillo

Should you use an expert to remove Armadillos from your home?

Armadillos are commonly seen critters in the southern USA. They are unique and hard to miss, mostly due to their hard exterior and rock-solid shell. A close relative to both sloths and anteaters, armadillos have small eyes and a shovel-shaped snout. They are usually about 6-inches long and have salmon-colored pink exterior. However, some armadillos […]

How to Keep Armadillos Out of Your Property:

First seen in Texas in the 1850’s, the Armadillo became its small state animal in 1995. About 100 years after they were found in Texas, they began migrating to Alabama or beyond. Now, they can be seen all over the United States.  Armadillos are nocturnal, which means they can mostly be found foraging for bugs, […]

How to get rid of raccoons - Raccoon Isolated On White Background

Why You Need to Remove Raccoons from Your Residence

A Guide to the Importance of Raccoon Removal Raccoons are adorable little critters with human-like hands and great disguise masks who love to rummage through attics and trash cans. While they are cute to look at, you don’t want to get too close because they can pack a mean punch.  More about that later, let’s […]