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The Top 5 Signs You Need a Rat Exterminator in Lakeland, Florida

Rat infestations can pose serious health risks, as well as cause significant property damage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top five signs that indicate you need to call a rat exterminator in Lakeland, Florida. By knowing these signs, you can take action to prevent further damage and keep your family safe. Gnaw Marks […]

Feral Hogs

Feral Hogs

You may be surprised to learn the identity of the most destructive invasive species in Florida. It’s the feral hog, also known as wild hog, feral swine, or the European boar. Why does it hold this dubious honor? For several reasons, as this article will show. First, let’s look at how it all began. A […]

6 FAQs about Bobcats in Florida

Do You Have a Problem With Bobcats? Have you discovered holes in your yard and wondered what’s caused them? Has your pet rabbit suddenly gone missing from the garden? Have your children ever been woken in the night, frightened by the sound of screaming outside? If you have experienced any of the above, you could […]

Bats hanging

The Deadliest Diseases Bats Can Carry

Bats have been given a bad rep for years and while not all the stories behind bat-phobia are real, the one about bats carrying deadly diseases is. Bats carry 60 or more different types of deadly diseases known as zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animal to human). Here is a list of some of them: Ebola […]

Steps in How We Ensure Bats Do Not Return to Your Home

Bats are creatures that most people like to see from a distance but are not creatures we want living in our attics. Outside of the old folklore about bats being vampires and all, bats carry diseases and can transmit them to humans. If you’ve got a bat problem in your home, Wildout Animal and Pest […]

The Top 3 Weirdest Types of Bats Around the World

Bats, like bees, are important to our ecosystem because they are amazing little pollinators. No doubt they have been given a bad reputation, but the truth is, our world is much better with them in it. Interesting Bat Facts They are extremely adaptable and live on nearly every continent They are the only flying mammal […]

Most Common Attic Pests

Doing the Mouse Math: How Fast They Multiply

A single mouse will have about 30-35 babies a year. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed. Now, just picture that you have a single mouse living in your house for a year and you’ll see how mouse multiplying can lead to a huge problem. Here’s some knowledge on mice to show you […]

Five Tips to Help With Your Raccoon Problem

Raccoons can look cute and cuddly, but they can cause a lot of damage. They are looking for shelter and food and spend most of their time either sleeping or foraging. They are very adaptable so even when you think they can’t get into your pet food containers, think again.  Most commonly known as trash […]

Seven Batty Facts

Halloween is only days away and chances are, depending on where you live, you’ve seen a few bats flying around. Bats are notoriously known for the Halloween season because of their vampire-like qualities. You see a vampire, you think of a bat. Well, most people do anyway.  What most people don’t know about bats is […]