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Winter Habits of Snakes

Snakes are ectothermic (cold-blooded) so they are unable to regulate their temperature. Since this means they are vulnerable to lower temperatures, snakes generally hibernate during the winter. However, some scientists say that snakes don’t hibernate. Instead, what they do is known as brumation. As the leaves start to fall and the temperatures grow colder, birds, […]

Scientists Discover A New Way That Snakes Climb

Scientists Discover A New Way That Snakes Climb

Once upon a time, it was believed that a snake only had four methods they used to climb things. However, scientists have discovered a whole new approach.  Bruce Jayne, a biologist at Colorado State University calls the method the “lasso locomotion” due to the snake’s ability to lasso around objects and pull themselves up. For […]

Birds Perched In Tree

How a Python Named Elvis is Helping to Alleviate Pests in Florida

It’s no secret that pythons are the most notorious pest in Florida. There are about 86 adult pythons that weigh a combined weight of 5,000 pounds. Fifty-three of those pythons are reproductive females and there are about 2,500 developing eggs. What does this all mean? Florida’s python issue just keeps getting worse.  Having said that, […]

How To Keep Snakes Away From Your Home

For some people, there is nothing creepier than a snake slithering across the grass in their home. In general, people just do not like snakes. Other pests like spiders, ants, or even beetles seem okay to deal with, but a snake, that’s a dealbreaker. Forget about it. If you are a person who doesn’t like […]

Large Burmese Pythons in Florida

Earlier this month in Florida, a large Burmese python was captured in the Everglades. The big reptile is 18.9 feet long and weighed in at 104 pounds which set a state record.  Snakes have been an issue in the Everglades for years and they can be dangerous, but one this size can be lethal. Burmese […]

Fall Brings Out More Snakes

It’s fall, which means snakes are starting to come out of hiding in Florida. In fact, Southwest Florida has been reporting more vipers, cottonmouths and rattlesnakes. These types of snakes breed in the spring and by fall, their eggs have hatched. Fall is the season that allows the now adolescent snakes to start wandering their […]

Florida May Use Drones to Fight Against Pythons

In an effort to fight against Burmese pythons in the Everglades, a law using drones to detect them has been passed.  Where Did All The Pythons Come From? In the 1980’s there was a noticeable increase in the amount of Burmese pythons within the South Florida Everglades. Pythons can grow 20 feet or more and […]

Common Snakes Found in Florida

Just like anywhere, Florida has its fair share of snakes. There are 50 different types of species of snakes in Florida and only six are venomous to humans. While snakes can be threatening, they are more frightened of you than you are of them.  12 non-venomous snakes found in Florida: Banded Water Snake Black Pine […]

Snakes: Venomous VS Non-Venomous

Garter, cottonmouth, rattlesnake, copperhead and coral are different types of snakes and many people see one, scream and run. But, it’s important to define which are venomous and which are not. You may be running for no reason at all. Garter Snakes Garter snakes are the most common snakes in North America. Most often, they […]

Benefits of Using a Pest Control Company to Remove Snakes

Snakes like to hide in garages, crawl spaces, sheds, basements and areas with tall grass. For most people, seeing one sends off an alarm which causes panic in the body, followed by a need to flee. There is no such thing as a harmless snake because they all can bite you, it’s just a matter […]