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How To Pest-Proof Your Attic

How To Pest-Proof Your Attic

When the weather turns warmer, you’d think that there would be less worry about pests in your attic, but you have more to worry about. Why? Because pests come out of hibernation to gather food and find a place to nest in. Your attic is the perfect hotspot travel destination for spiders, stink bugs, roaches, bats, ants, rodents, etc. It’s warm or cool, it’s inviting and it’s safe.

You don’t want to have pests running around your attic because they carry disease and they don’t just stay in your attic. They come out at night to search for food, which means they are climbing across your countertops and any food you may have left out overnight.

Pest-Proofing Your Attic

Step #1: Clean it

This seems like such a simple step, but most people do not think about what’s in their attic that will attract pests. Attics are filled with clutter and some people put extra blankets, old newspapers, or even holiday decorations in their attics. So of course, this is a nesting ground for pests just looking for a warm, safe place to have their babies.

The Fix: Clean out the clutter. Your attic should not be inviting to pests because they will take advantage of it. No trash, no blankets, no newspaper, no debris of any kind. Hard, sealed containers are perfect.

Step #2: Clear Entry Points

Whether you hire a professional and check entry points yourself, this step should not be missed. Mice only need 6mm of space to squeeze into your home and rats need about 12mm, but let’s not forget that rodents are avid gnawers. This means that they will chew through what they can’t fit through.

The Fix: Seal up cracks, check your foundation and the weather stripping on any windows. There are so many places you wouldn’t think about pests entering and that’s usually the one place they are coming in at. If you are unsure about where to look, hire a professional to come in and show you entry points you’re not aware of.

Step #3: Pest Control

The best way to make sure your attic is pest-free is to hire professionals who have been trained to create pest-free environments. Not only can they assess your attic and find out where pests are entering your home, but they can remove them and use preventive measures to lessen the risk of them returning.

The Fix: Wildout Animal and Pest Removal is the only fix you’ll ever need when it comes to eliminating pests. Not only are they effective, they care about their customers and the pests they are removing. Wildout is honest, humble and they want to create a stress-free environment for everyone (including the pests).

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