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Sanitization For Preventing Virus and Disease

Sanitization For Preventing Virus and Disease

When you are dealing with wild animals in your yard or around your business, the best course of action you can take is to make sure you prevent viruses and diseases. Right now, we are all worried about flattening the curve when it comes to Covid-19. It appears that quarantine is slowly ending and we all could use a few tips to adjust as businesses start to return to a “new normal”. 

Wildout Animal and Pest Control is an essential business that can help to keep your home safe from all the germs and viruses that we are all concerned about. 

First and foremost, we want to provide you with a powerful sanitization method. We use a concentrated cleaner, disinfectant, fungicide, mildewstat and sanitizer to get the job done. This not only kills bacteria and fungi, but viruses too! We can disinfect water damaged areas or public facilities like schools and rest stops. 

Common Viruses and Bacteria: 

  • Hantavirus
  • E. Coli
  • Hepatitis B and C 
  • Avian Flu
  • Staph 
  • Strep
  • HIV

While protecting your family, friends, co-workers, employees or even, customers from virus/ disease, we can also eliminate any germs or bugs too. 

Our solution:

  • Kills harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria and germs
  • Prevents as well, as eliminates mildew that can cause health issues
  • Disinfects common viruses and bacteria

While sanitizing for viruses is very important, it’s also important to santaize if you have had a pest or wild animal problem. Rodents are a common issue in homes and in businesses and chances are higher that they will become an even bigger issue now that most of us have been in quarantine. They have to search even harder to find food, which means they will show up in places we’d least expect them, right out in the open. 

Wild animals leave droppings, urine and bacteria that can make you very sick. Rodents carry dozens of diseases, and they can easily be transmitted to humans. Even dust can become an issue, if it has been contaminated by rodents. HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome) is spread through dust that has been urinated on by rats. You may feel compelled to sweep and vacuum, but this isn’t helpful, according to the CDC. The reason, dust that has been contaminated by rodent urine or feces can be kicked up in the air, which can result in medical woes. 

Wildout can help you with sanitizing your property if you’ve had a recent pest or wild animal issue.  A lot goes into sanitizing your property and we want to help you to make sure you are getting every crook and crevice. 

If you have concerns about viruses or bacteria in your home or around you business, please call Wildout today.

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