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Common Pest Problems in Commercial Property

Commercial property is filled with pest problems. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there.

Housing structures alone have a great deal to be concerned about when it comes to pests. From bed bugs to cockroaches, there is always a pest concern. And, of course, apartment complexes create a great cause of concern because not everyone is hygienic, which creates a breeding ground for bugs like the aforementioned. Of course, flies are also a problem among housing structures as well, not to mention rodents and wasps who love to use businesses and homes as their hibernating hotspots.

Restaurants create another wonderland for pests looking for warmth and food, and in such a place, they can find both fairly easily. More common than other pests, flies, rodents and cockroaches roam around restaurants looking for shelter and food. If you’ve ever seen Rautolliue, it will give you a clear image of what pests within a restaurant look like.

Common pest found in commercial properties:
  1. AntsAnts are really the worst sometimes. They are very interesting to watch, but they are so small that it is easy to overlook them sometimes. They usually find their way into a home or business when they are looking for a dry place, water, or food. They come in large numbers, so if you see one, chances are you will notice more later.
  2. CockroachesCockroaches are resilient nuisances that carry disease. Not only do they rapidly reproduce, but they can also get into any area no matter how small they are because they are amazing little shapeshifters. However, if you start seeing cockroaches around your commercial property, it’s time to call in pest control.
  3. RodentsRodents can be found anywhere, they’ll literally eat just about anything so they are always on the prowl for their next meal. All the while, they are contaminating everything that they touch. This is another pest that you don’t want to mess around with, if you see one, call in pest control. Rodents mass reproduce as well and you don’t want a bunch of them running around your commercial property.
  4. Other PestsThere are other types of pests one might see in their commercial property such as silverfish, flies, lady bugs, stick bugs and of course, bees and wasps. If you have bright lights going all the time, it will actually attract these types of pests. However, dark spaces can also attract pests as well. Some love to hibernate in dark spots, away from traffic and noise.

While warmer weather starts to bring pests out to look for food and water, the colder weather can bring them into your commercial property.

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