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Why are Bats Protected in the State of Florida?

Why are Bats Protected in the State of Florida?

If you have a bat problem and live in Florida, you might find that getting rid of a bat becomes more of a nuisance than the bat itself. In Florida, a bat cannot be killed, trapped, poisoned, fumigated or exterminated. Also, during maternity season, bats are protected and cannot be removed from your property or business. Florida Administrative Code rule 68A-4.001 General Prohibitions states that bats must have time to give birth and take care of their young from April 15th to August 15th, annually. This period is known as a “Blackout Period”.

There are 13 species of bats that live in Florida, and 1,330 around the globe. Bats are important to the ecosystem and that is why the Blackout Period was enacted. Laws have been created to keep them safe because they eat insects, which limits the spread of diseases and damages to crops. Bat advocates estimate that bats save farmers about $23 billion in crop and damage losses, every year. They are also avid pollinators for things like agave, bananas, cloves, peaches, etc. Not to mention, they are also great at spreading seeds to restore forested areas that have been cut down by humans.

Bats can find a way into your home or business through several different means: gaps and cracks (½ to ¼ in diameter), holes, cracks, unscreened attic vents, chimeny’s, cracked/loose roof tiles, openings in pipes, warped siding, etc. Their presence isn’t so much the issue as their ability to be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Their urine and oil can be harmful.

Bats are driven to their old roosts, so getting rid of them for good seems to be a trick of the trade. Bats can be released many miles away from your home and still find their way back to you.  That’s why calling in the professionals is a much better method than handling the issue yourself. Not only does a professional know the in’s and out’s of Florida law, they are trained to look for openings you may not even suspect is one.

Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can help you to safely and legally remove bats from your home and/or business. Since it’s a high-risk job due to disease concerns and because bats usually travel in groups, you could be looking at a real possibility of something going wrong.

During legal season, Wildout can remove bats from your home and/or business in just a few days. This process contains four different steps.

  1. It starts with a thorough inspection that is free.  This step helps a professional to find entry points around and in your home and/or business. 
  2. The second step is about evicting the bats. It is illegal in Florida to trap bats, so instead, abandoned entry points have to be closed up. During the black period, Wildout can also help to make sure your bat problem doesn’t become worse by eliminating possible entry points.
  3. The third step is getting rid of the bats. Once the entry points have been sealed, Wildout can install a one-way door that allows bats to leave your home and/or business, but won’t allow them to come back in. These installs will be left for at least 4 days to allow all bats to leave your home and/or business.
  4. The last step is just as important as bat removal because it involves treatment and restoration. Wildout wants you to stay healthy and safe, so it’s a #1 priority to make sure all bat droppings, urine and odor is removed from the premises. Fixing damages to your roof and installing new insulation in your attic is also a priority.

If you have a bat or two hanging around your home, call in some professional help: 1-844-WILDOUT

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