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Different Types of Bees

Different Types of Bees

With the Spring season creating a beautiful vibe of sunshine and new growth around us all, our friendly flying bees are also circling the air.

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem because they pollinate plants to help them grow. During the Spring season, bees are looking for sheltered spaces to make nests and colonies. The thing about bees is that there are several different types and it can be really hard to tell some of them apart.

Types of Bees

Honey Bees:

This type of bee gets due to their activity. They eat the pollen and nectar of flowers and other types of plants. After eating, they regurgitate what they’ve eaten to create honey and store it in their hive. Honey bees are super important to the ecosystem but in many cases, they are threatened or endangered.

Honey bees are black and yellow and about half an inch long. When they sting, their stinger breaks off which often causes the bee to die.

Bumble Bees:

This type of bee is the bee that often gets mistaken for a honey bee because they are the same color and have the same markings. However, there are a few differences to look for. First of all, they are larger than honey bees. Secondly, they have stubby wings. Lastly, they are fuzzier. The stingers of bumblebees stay attached when they sting, unlike honey bees.

Carpenter Bees:

This type of bee likes to carve tunnels and build nests in wood. They are very similar to honeybees because unless they are provoked, they will not sting.

Mason Bees:

This type of bee is black and blue and they build nests in pre-existing holes in trees that they seal off with their eggs safe inside.

Other Stinging Insects:

Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets are all insects that sting, but you can tell them apart from bees because they are shaped differently and their body is elongated.

If you have bees in your yard, it’s super important to be cautious about the way you choose to remove them. Bees are very important when it comes to the ecosystem. They pollinate our flowers and help things to grow, without them our crops would diminish. So, killing them shouldn’t be the answer.

Calling in pest control is the best option. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal will remove any bees from your property by first removing the queen bee(s). This stops the bees from re-colonizing so that they will not continue to take over your yard.

Just give Wildout a call today for a free inspection: 844-945-3688.

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