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Doing the Mouse Math: How Fast They Multiply

Doing the Mouse Math: How Fast They Multiply

A single mouse will have about 30-35 babies a year. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed. Now, just picture that you have a single mouse living in your house for a year and you’ll see how mouse multiplying can lead to a huge problem.

Here’s some knowledge on mice to show you how they mature and why they reproduce so fast. Mice mature at 4 weeks old, which means they can start reproducing their own young at that age too. Since mice can have up to six babies per litter, it’s easy to see how quickly mice can take over a home or a business. What started out as just a small mouse issue can become a huge mice infestation.

There isn’t really a mating season when it comes to mice because they reproduce all year long. Since mice can carry diseases that make humans sick, you want to make sure that you rid them from the home the moment you see an inkling of one. Truth be told, by the time you actually see one, you might already have an infestation on your hands.

Mice live for about a year, but to get rid of mice you can’t just hope that they will die off and be done with them. They continue to breed, all the time. This means you have to constantly be in motion when getting rid of them. That’s where pest control comes in. Pest control will not only help to remove the pests, but it can also help to decrease the risk of them coming back by using effective preventative methods.

Wildout Animal and Pest Control can remove the pest, set up preventative methods to decrease the risk of them coming back and restore an area that has been damaged by mice. Mice are great at damaging homes and businesses because they gnaw on wood, chew through electrical wires and of course, leave their droppings (which can transmit disease) behind wherever they go.

Mice spread several different types of diseases as they travel around. It was even said at one time that rats caused the Black Plague. Point is, mice can make you sick. Hantavirus, salmonella and LCMV (lymphocytic choriomeningitis) are all diseases that can be spread through mice feces and urine. Worst off, mice urine can dry and turn into the dust that we breathe in, causing even more potential disease.

If you have a mouse in your house, don’t let one turn into a dozen. Instead, call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal today: 844-945-3688.

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