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Guide to Prepping For Summertime Pests

Summer is the time of the year when all the pests come out. It’s warm, sunny and there are more food services available during the summer season. This means that prepping for these pests should start in early spring. If summer is the season for pests to thrive, spring is the season when they truly come alive.

Your guide for prepping for summertime pests starts with knowing what type of pests you’re battling with and the best solution to control them.


Ants are the #1 most annoying pests during both the spring and winter months. It’s no secret that if you see one, you’ll see about a dozen more.

Prep for Ants by:
  • Closing up food containers tightly-
    Use containers with a rubber seal, bags will not keep ants out. They can chew right through them.
  • Keeping areas dry-
    If there is one thing that ants love more than food, it’s water. If there is a place to get both, you’ll have an ant infestation on your hands.
  • Keep pet containers contained-
    When pets are not eating their food, it should be properly stored because during the warmer months, ants are hunting for food and pet bowls are perfect. Not only can they find food, but they can also find water as well.
  • Sealing up cracks and holes-
    Ants are so small it’s not hard for them to fit into any small space. The tiniest of cracks could be a potential entryway for an ant. So, caulk up those tiny spaces and make sure you weather strip doors and windows. Fireplaces have been known to house an infestation of ants during the spring and summer seasons as well.
  • Limit sweets-
    It’s summertime, which usually means two things: watermelon and ice cream. And, just like many humans, ants also have a sweet tooth. If you just have to have some sweets, make sure to clean the mess up right away. Ants find sweets faster than any other food.

Mosquitoes are the second-worst pest during the summertime because it’s hot and humid, which is the perfect breeding ground for them. While summertime is usually the best time of the year to sit around the pool or enjoy BBQs, it can quickly become stressful with these little annoyances flying around everywhere. Citronella candles only help so much, they still find a way to ruin a good time.

Prep for Mosquitoes by:
  • Trimming plant overgrowth-
    The perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes is near water and around overgrown shrubbery. Keep it trimmed to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Avoiding standing water-
    As mentioned previously, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have some sort of water source around your home, you know this to be true. Eliminate mosquitoes by avoiding water buildup. Overwatering your yard could easily lead to a mosquito issue.
  • Securing window and door screening-
    Before it gets too hot, most people like to open their doors and window for a bit of fresh air. But, the air is not the only thing that comes in pests like mosquitoes, flies, gnats, wasps and bees can come in too. Make sure that you have proper screening to keep them out.

If you’ve already seen some signs of pest trouble around your home, and don’t wait for the problem to grow, call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal today- 844-945-3688

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