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Five Mosquito Myths

Five Mosquito Myths

No matter where you live, chances are high mosquitoes are a problem for you. Summertime seems to be the worst time for them. People are usually going camping or trying to enjoy some time out on the porch and before they know it, they have these itchy bumps all up and down their arms and legs. It’s no fun at all, especially when you consider the fact that these little buggers spread diseases. While this is a fact, there are a lot of myths out there about these little guys.

    MythMosquitoes Transmit COVID-19 Virus

    Fact: These little annoying biters pose zero risk of transmitting COVID-19, but they do carry other threats like West Nile Virus. 

    MythMosquitoes Spend Their Life Flying

    Fact: Mosquitoes spend most of their life in water, so it’s important to make sure that you do not allow water to form on your property. They lay their eggs in the water and these eggs can lie dormant for 4-6 years. When the water level rises to warmer temps (at least 50 degrees) the eggs can develop into larval and pupal stages. 

    MythPeople With Fair Skin Are Bit More Often

    Fact: The only reason people with fair skin believe that they are bitten more often is due to the skin’s reaction. Bites show up more on fair-skin. 

    MythApps Repel Mosquitoes 

    Fact: Bug zappers, sound-emitting apps, vitamin B12, garlic, listerine and even clip-on wristband repellants just don’t really work all that well when it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes. Removing standing water, using repellants, burning a candle (mosquitoes do not like smoke) or turning on a fan are all great ways to keep mosquitoes away.

    MythBoth Males and Females Bite

    Fact: Females are the biters. For the females, it is a very important part of their breeding cycle. They require the protein found in our blood in order to produce their eggs. Males rely on nectar from flowers to sustain their dietary needs. 

    Interesting Mosquito Facts

    • Mosquitoes usually live for about a week
    • They can breed in any water that is standing still. Most people think that if they do not have a pond or lake near their land, they are safe. However, mosquitoes can breed in clogged gutters, bird baths, flower pots, or wheelbarrows that contain water. 
    • Carbon dioxide is the detector that brings mosquitoes around your skin
    • They have six legs
    • They are the deadliest creature on earth
    • 176 species live in the United States
    • They like to hide in trees, storm drains or thick bushes
    • During the colder weather, they like to hibernate in houses, garages or caves. However, usually adults die off when the air turns cold. 
    • They like to bite between dusk and dawn, but some species are active for the entire day
    • They travel 100-200 feet at a time
    • The little biters are out more between April and October.
    • Mosquitoes date back as far as 400 million years ago, during the Triassic Period. 
    • They use a mating dance which involves beating their wings together
    • They do not just bite humans, they bite frogs and birds too. 

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