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The Amazing Bee

The Amazing Bee

Bees are awesome for our ecosystem. In fact, there is no other insect in the world that can do what a bee does to keep our ecosystem running so well. Not too mention the fact that they make some awesome, healthy honey. 

Bees are amazing for many reasons, but more prominently for their ability to spread pollen to fruit, vegetables and flowers. However, scientists have found something new when it comes to bees and their abilities. Now, bees are using a technique that helps plants to flower earlier. Bees, facing a shortage of pollen, have found a way to make plants flower as early as a month before schedule. They do this by damaging plant leaves and eating them. 

Based on both outdoor and lab experiments, researchers have found that bees are more likely to pierce holes into tomato and black mustard plants when food becomes scarce. Tomato plants can flower up to 30 days early while black mustard plants can flower up to 16 days early when this happens. 

Scientists are still baffled when it comes to the reason for this effect. Things like drought and light can change the way a plant flowers, which has been known for years. However, the effect that bees have on plants is something very new. When scientists tried to replicate the act of damaging the leaves to get the plant to flower, it was unsuccessful. The “magic” ability lies in the bee’s mouth. They use their tongue and their mandibles to make little holes in the plant, just like they would do when building their hive. 

Bees offer so many good attributes to our ecosystem. Sadly, they are endangered and colonies are disappearing, which is known as the colony collapse disorder. Millions of bees all around the world are leaving their hives and not returning. Up to 90 percent of bees have disappeared in some regions. 

Some Amazing Bee Facts:

  • A toxin called melittin is found in venom and it may prevent HIV. 
  • Bees work harder than all of us. During winter months, bees can live up to 9 months but during the summer, they only last about 6 weeks. They are working hard and they even work themselves to death. 
  • When a bee changes up their job, it actually changes up their brain chemistry. Bees are born to do certain jobs, it is hardwired into their brain. There are scout bees (wired for adventure) and there are soldier bees (wired for protection). When a bee becomes middle-aged, they become an undertaker (they remove dead bees for the hive). There are regular honey bees that will do multiple jobs and change up their brain chemistry upon taking on a new gig. 
  • Bees are helping to change medicine. Bees use propolis (it is a resin that can be found in poplar and evergreen trees) to reinforce their hives. Essentially, it’s a glue for beehives. However, humans use it to help fight different ailments: bacteria, viruses and fungi. 

Bees are fascinating, but most people do not want a beehive in their yard, unless it’s secure. That’s where Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can help. Wildout can find the hive and safely remove it and they make the transition as stress-free as possible for everyone, including the bees.
If you’ve got a bee problem, give Wildout a call today. 844-945-3688

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