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Keeping Safe From Pests While Living in an Apartment

Renting an apartment is full of both advantages and disadvantages. In fact, most people either love or hate living in an apartment and there is really no middle ground for a lot of people. The reason people tend to feel this way has to do with pests. Fact is, no matter how clean you keep your apartment, if your neighbor doesn’t keep theirs clean too, you’re going to have a pest problem. 

Apartment owners do not like the idea of shelling out their cash for a pest control company to come out and take care of a pest problem. Therefore, it could be an uphill battle trying to clear pests from your home. 

These creepy crawlers are everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen to your bedroom, so it’s important to take whatever measures possible to get rid of them. But, before we talk about prevention steps, let us take a closer look at the popular type of pests that are found in apartments. 

  1. Fleas: If your apartment complex allows pets, then you have a flea problem. Even if you never have an animal in your apartment, there are plenty of ways that fleas can travel. For example, fleas are great jumpers which means they can easily jump from the grass to your shoe, sock or leg as you walk by. If you spend some time in a grassy area, chances are high that you will pick up a flea or two. If a flea gets into your home, they can lay eggs which causes an even bigger problem. 
  2. Cockroaches: Yes, the pest that could survive the apocalypse is probably somewhere in your apartment. Why? Because not everyone is as clean as you are and as stated before, apartment owners don’t like to spend money on pest control. Cockroaches can survive days without food or water and they are extremely resilient. 
  3. Ants: Similar to flies, ants are very common for apartment dwellers. Ants usually come into a home or building because they are trying to escape the rain (that is drowning them) or they sense food. 
  4. Bed Bugs: These small black poppy seed looking pests are the worst! They can bite and suck your blood, often leaving a very irritating rash. They don’t transmit diseases, but they are very hard to get rid of and are similar to a lice infestation. 

Prevention Tips

If you have to take matters into your own hands when it comes to eliminating pests from your apartment, it’s best to use natural methods to keep yourself and your family safe. It’s also important to think about the pests, they are just living their life too. So, think about natural remedies such as:

  • Essential Oils: 1-2 teaspoons of tea tree, peppermint or eucalyptus oil mixed with a cup of water and put into a spray bottle to deter pests. 
  • Spices/Herbs: Citronella, lavender, peppermint and rosemary can be used in small planters to keep pests away. 

When it comes to pest control, check your rental agreement. Many leases will reflect who is responsible for ridding pests from your apartments. If you are renting with a complex that states they will take care of any pests, make it a point to get something done about it. If the responsibility falls on you, give us a call and we’ll help you out. Wildout Animal and Pest Control offers free inspections and prices that are both fair and honest. 
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