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Keeping Your Home Safe From Pests During A Storm

Keeping Your Home Safe From Pests During A Storm

It’s hurricane season and that means that some people can expect to see some devastating effects to their home and yard. Reinforcing windows and stabilizing certain areas around the home are just two important factors to consider. Due to downed trees and flood areas will cause animals and pests to see other shelter sources. Most often, this is inside a person’s home (usually in the attic). 

Tip to Prevent Wild Animals and Pests From Your Home

  • Inspection Time: Before storms really start up, you should get some inspections done on your home and property, Wildout Animal and Pest Control will even provide you with a free inspection. There is much that needs to be looked into, cracks need to be sealed up, existing water damage needs to be fixed and properties should be sloped so that water can easily flow away from the foundation verses toward it. Breeding sites like mulch and garbage cans should also be placed further away from the house as these are breeding ground for pests. 
  • Standing Water: Due to heavy rain and flooding, there may be puddles hanging out in and around your property. These are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. In fact, these nuisance insects only need about half an inch of water to breed. If you have areas where water is free standing such as birdbaths, flowerpots, grill covers, garbage lids and clogged gutters. 
  • Tainted Food/Damaged Debris: Food that has spoiled due to power outages often creates the perfect setting for flies. This can pose a risk to humans since flies spread disease. Seal up spoiled food and clear up any food waste and clutter. Having food available can create issues with rodents and mice too. 
  • Potential Termite/Ant Issues:Termites can chew through wood around your home, which can cost thousands of dollars to replace. Due to the excessive moisture that storms cause, it can bring ants into your home looking for shelter and food. Make sure you remove any rotting debris, fix damaged pipes that are leaking and create slopes to make sure water doesn’t pool in your yard. 
  • Structural Damage: Due to high winds, hail and torrential rain, there are alot of possible damage points when it comes to homes and businesses. Wildlife is also displaced which causes animals like raccoons, squirrels, mice and rats to look for shelter. All areas that appear weak, have cracks or have shifted need to be sealed up before a storm hits. 

There is no time to wait when it comes to hurricane season, it’s important to start a path to keeping your home safe from damage that is caused by storms, wild animals and pests. Wildlife Animal and Pest Control want to help you to do that. Call us today for a free inspection: 844-945-3688

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