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Keeping Your Kitchen Sanitized

Keeping Your Kitchen Sanitized

Sanitation has become a popular need since COVID-19 came into the picture. Most people, clean and sanitize regularly, but due to the virus sanitization needs have increased and most people are starting with their kitchen. That’s because people need to eat all throughout the day, so to have this room sanitized the most, it just makes more sense. It helps to calm anxieties and can create a more peaceful mind about what we put into our systems. 

COVID-19 was first seen in China before it made its way to other countries and then naturally, ended up in the United States. This seems to be where it’s continuing to spread at the moment. The CDC says that it spreads through respiratory droplets, but they are  not sure if it can be spread through food. But, why take the chance, right? 

Three things we can all do to help curve the spread is:

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Wash hands appropriately 
  3. Sanitize 

When it comes to your kitchen, you want to make sure it’s clean and sanitized so when you fix food, you know you are safe. We buy groceries at the store, we unpack those groceries and sometimes, we set them on the counter. We then set other things on the counter, picking up whatever might have transferred from that package. I’m not saying you need to scrub everything you bring into your home. But, it’s important to use these three easy steps to ensure your safety as well as everyone else’s. 

1- Wash Your Hands

Look up the NSF guidelines for washing your hands and make sure you are always washing your hands that particular way. If you are preparing food for your family or work in a restaurant, this becomes even more important. 

2- Sanitize All Hard Surfaces 

Wipe off any food or debris from hard surfaces and spray it down with a sanitizing solution and allow it to air dry. When using any cleaning products, be sure to always read the instructions for use. 

3-Always Follow Sanitization Steps Fully

Ensuring efficient and effective sanitization in the kitchen in a multi-step process. It starts by cleaning off any food, then rinsing the space to remove any detergent or soil left behind, after which, a chemical sanitizing agent is used in wash and rinse cycles. This can be done on both counters and on dishes. Most often, a dishwasher is not enough to sanitize dishes. 
Are you concerned about your home or business? We’ve all been affected by COVID-19 in some way, right? Why let it continue causing drama? Instead, give Wildout Pest and Animal Removal a call. Why call a pest and animal company for your sanitization needs? Because they also have the ability to meet your sanitization needs as well! Call today: 844-945-3688

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