Removing Fall Time Wildlife From Your Commercial Property

Fall for many people is the most beautiful time of the year. Crisp leaves, the smell of baked pies in the air, and of course, pumpkin patches as far as the eye can see. It’s also a wonderful time for businesses because most people start on holiday shopping. What customers don’t want to see however is wildlife around a business. A few birds or a squirrel here or there isn’t usually a cause for concern, but anything more than that and people tend to leave the business and never come back.

Common Wildlife and How to Remove Them:

Birds like to hang around businesses because it is the best place that they can find something to eat. Naturally, businesses have a lot of traffic, especially fast food places where people are always dropping food. Food that draws the interest of pests and keeps them coming back. Birds can be seen at any business though.

You don’t want to use poison to get rid of any birds because 1. It’s inhumane and 2. Because they are not really effective. If you do happen to poison a bird, it can have a negative impact on our ecosystem.
Besides, dead and decaying birds only attract more pests which creates a bigger problem.

Instead, call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal. Not only can you get a free inspection for your business, but they can also remove the birds humanely and safely.

This is one pest that no one wants to see around their business because not only do they carry an array of diseases but they also cause significant damage like chewing up electrical wires. Rodents seek shelter in your commercial property because they want a warm place to hide out in where they can also search for food. Rodents are hard to miss because you can hear them messing around in the walls.

To prevent them:

  • Clean up spills quickly
  • Keep food tightly sealed
  • Store any pet food that might be in the building
  • Keep trash cans empty or sealed

To remove them, call Wildout.

The nocturnal little trash pandas like to look for food at night, so they can be very hard to remove. During the fall, they like to fatten up in preparation for the cold winter that is on the horizon. These little guys are not usually found on the inside of buildings, but when they are, it’s usually in crawl spaces and attics. However, they are typically found rummaging through the garbage.

To prevent them:

  • Install bright lights that go off with the detection of movement. They do not like bright lights.
  • Keep trash cans securely sealed
  • Rinse trash cans once a month
  • Seal up entry points (this goes for any pest)

To remove them, call Wildout.

During the fall months, squirrels like to fatten up just like raccoons like to do. They also like to hang out in attic spaces where they can make nests and store their food. However, they are very hazardous to have in a home or business because they can chew through electrical wires and wood.

To prevent them:

  • Keep food containers sealed
  • Take down any bird feeders during the fall
  • Trim down branches where they can gain access to the roof

To remove them, call Wildout.

A common theme through this article is to call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal for your pest removal needs and that is because they are good at what they do. Wildout can offer you a free inspection and then provide you with a detailed treatment plan. They can also set up preventative measures to lessen the risk of pests returning. Just give them a call today 844-945-3688!

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