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Steps in How We Ensure Bats Do Not Return to Your Home

Steps in How We Ensure Bats Do Not Return to Your Home

Bats are creatures that most people like to see from a distance but are not creatures we want living in our attics. Outside of the old folklore about bats being vampires and all, bats carry diseases and can transmit them to humans.

If you’ve got a bat problem in your home, Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can take care of it for you and here’s how:

Step #1: Inspection

The most important step in the whole pest removal process is to find out where the pests are gaining access to your home. These access areas are known as entry points and Wildout looks in known and even unknown areas for them. The inspection process is completely free and helps Wildout to discover what sort of treatment plan is needed.

Step #2: Control

Once the entry points have been detected they have to be closed up. Some pest removal methods rely on trapping pests before closing up the entry points, but the removal of bats works differently. Instead of trapping, Wildout works to control the bats until there is a safe option for them to leave your home.

Step #3: Eviction

After sealing up the entry points, Wildout creates custom one-way doors that can be installed so that bats can leave your home but they cannot get back in. While one of these doors is good enough, there are cases where multiple doors are necessary. This should be addressed within the inspection step. However, there are always instances where a door may need to be installed at a moment’s notice. It will take four days or so for the bats to leave and once they have, the devices can be removed and the eviction process will be complete.

Step #4: Restoration

When bats are free to fly in an attic, it doesn’t take them long to cause damage. So restoration, while the last step is still super important. Due to the concerns of diseases alone, this step should not be taken lightly. Wildout works diligently to remove droppings while also eliminating odors left behind by the bats. They will also install new insulation and remove any damaged insulation. When finished, your attic will look brand new.

Getting rid of bats is a high-risk job that requires a professional level removal process. Please do not try to remove bats from your home all on your own. Leave them be and call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal instead. Also, keep in mind, Florida has a blackout period where bats cannot be removed without consent (written) from state regulators. However, during the legal season, bats can be removed freely. So, it might be beneficial to look up some blackout info to stay up-to-date, and remember, Wildout is here to meet all of your pest removal needs. So, call today 844-945-3688!

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