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Should you use an expert to remove Armadillos from your home?

Should you use an expert to remove Armadillos from your home?

Armadillos are commonly seen critters in the southern USA. They are unique and hard to miss, mostly due to their hard exterior and rock-solid shell. A close relative to both sloths and anteaters, armadillos have small eyes and a shovel-shaped snout. They are usually about 6-inches long and have salmon-colored pink exterior. However, some armadillos can be up to 5-feet long and dark brown. Typically seen in the United States is the nine-banded armadillo

While they do not usually cause too much of an issue in the wild, armadillos can wreak havoc on gardens and homes. Specifically because of their ability to dig holes while looking for grubs. Little holes are not really much of an issue, but armadillos have been known to undermine the structure of homes.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself reading this article because an armadillo has come into your yard and you want to get rid of it. So your question is, hire a professional or DIY. Given that armadillos can carry diseases like leprosy, it would be best to leave it to a professional.

Florida is known for their armadillo issue. In fact, several years ago, spitting armadillos were said to be responsible for leprosy outbreaks. Therefore, they are more foe than friend and should not be allowed to take up residence in your yard. If you see one or detect one might be hanging out in your yard, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Wildout Animal & Pest Removal will give your property a thorough inspection so that they have an idea about where the armadillo is coming from, why it has chosen your property and what the best method for trapping would be. This assessment helps to keep everyone safe and reduce the stress on both you and the animals.

To catch armadillos, there are no effective baits that can be used. Food just doesn’t work.To keep the armadillos safe and less stressed, Wildout uses cages that are set along paths. Armadillos tend to follow the same paths. This is how they are trapped, by using natural barriers and funneling systems.

After the armadillo is trapped, Wildout can help you to figure out what can be done to eliminate burrowing opportunities. This will make your yard less attractive to armadillos. With these burrows closed permanently, armadillos will have to look somewhere else.

Last, but not least is repellent. The last thing you want is for another armadillo to find their way into your yard. This repellent keeps the grubs, worms and other insects out of your yard that armadillos, raccoons and possums enter yards to try to find.

If you feel like you just don’t want to hire someone to rid the armadillo from your yard, then it’s important to play it as safe as possible by at least calling Wildout and getting advice on what you should do to try to trap the armadillo yourself. They can give you guidelines to help keep you safe while also giving you all the information you need to help capture the animal safely.

Have an armadillo tearing up your garden or yard?Is it past time to get the animal removed?  Wild Animal Pest and Removal is a great place to call: 1-844-WILDOUT. Not only will they rid your property of any and all wildlife, they will also help to repair any damage and set-up regular visits to prevent any critters from returning.

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