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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to keep springtime pests away from your business. Nothing quite displeases a customer faster than seeing pests scurrying across the floor, so make sure your business is pest-free.

Springtime allows the opportunity for more pests to come out of their hibernation to bask in the sun, mate, feed and to start gathering food for their next hibernation period. However, springtime also brings in a lot more rain and that’s why you’ll see more in your building. Businesses also see more pests because critters are in search of food after their long, wintry hibernation.

Tips to keep your business pest-free:

  • Start with a thorough inspection of your building. You can do this yourself (if you know what you are looking for) but it’s best to hire a professional if you don’t know what to look for. There are many different areas where pests are free to access the interior of your building. Some areas are so small that people usually overlook them. There are areas with cracks, foundation damage electrical outlets, or small holes in the wall that can be overrun with pests. However, these are places that are generally not given a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance.
  • Be sure to keep trash cans clean, even the ones surrounding desk areas. Pests will find food, if it’s left accessible to them. So it’s important to cover all bases.
  • If you have a kitchen/break room area, make sure that it is clean and clear of food. Pests are always on the hunt for something to eat. Ants love to find an area where they can get a continuous stream of food and that’s why they work in a trail. They find a large amount of food and work to carry it little by little back to their colony. They are always on the hunt for food.
  • Make your windows and doors are properly lined so that there are no gaps. When gaps occur, it easily gives pests access to the interior of your business.
  • Check areas that hold moisture like the kitchen and the bathroom to make sure that you don’t have any leaks. Water is something else a pest will hunt for and if they find a continuous source, they will make that area their new home.

If you have noticed pests running around your business and are ready to get them out, it’s time to call Wildout Animal and Pest Control. Wildout offers a free thorough inspection of your business to find out what pests you are dealing with and where they are getting in at. They can remove them, clean up any damage they have caused and use preventative measures to lessen the risk that they will return.

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