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With Winter Near, Mice Will Appear

Not even a mouse was stirring” won’t apply to your holiday traditions this year unless you get an early start on pest control. Due to this year’s series of unfortunate events, mice and rats are out more than ever and they are looking to stay warm in your home, maybe forever. 

Mice create damage no matter where they go. From droppings to gnawings, they are always making their entry into your home known. They chew through cardboard, particleboard, insulation, and wood. They even have a knack for squeezing into tight spaces and let’s not forget that they carry deadly diseases. 

Your attic is the place that most mice seek out, which means by the end of the season it’s layered with feces and urine that can transmit disease, no doubt. Small cracks and tiny holes are just enough for mice to get in and if you have a nice warm place available, they will burrow in. They can gnaw at your electrical wires and cause a great big fire and they have a great hearing so they’ll hear when you are nearing. So, it may be impossible to catch them unless you call in pest control and let them. 

Mice sneak out into the night, while people are sleeping and they steal so little that you might not see it in the light. But, know this, the mess they leave behind, you will not miss because it’s not out of sight. So fill up your foundation cracks and else you might smack yourself later. Preventative measures can help a lot unless of course, you forgot. 

So, call pest control, they can hurry right in. 

Call today or tomorrow, but do not delay because chances are high that mice are causing damage more and more. They seek out the shelter and food that is in your home, where they are free to roam. Wildout Animal and Pest Control can help you so this Christmas can be free of mice so you don’t find little black rice-shaped mess all around your Christmas tree dress. Wildout can remove the pests that are wreaking havoc on your holiday fun and send them all on the run. 

Wildout Animal and Pest Control are available to help you with all your pest control needs. You simply have to give them a call at 844-945-3688 and they will provide you with a free thorough inspection. This will allow them to find all the entry points in your home that pests are currently using to gain access. Wildout can take the steps to not only remove pests from your home but also to use preventive measures so they don’t come back. They can also offer a continuous service that ensures this regularly. Also and this is super important, they will restore your attic to the way it was before mice started causing damage and they have safe procedures so you don’t have to worry about the spreading of diseases. 

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