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Are Commercial Property Bird Protection Services Right for Your Business?

Are Commercial Property Bird Protection Services Right for Your Business?

Birds are lovely and beautiful creatures.There are not too many people who are not mesmerized by birds. They sing, they stand out and they fly breathtakingly. A lot of people cannot wait for spring to come back around, just to see the birds come home again. What’s not to love about them?

If you’re a business owner, chances are, a lot.

Starlings, gulls, pigeons and sparrows are the most common types of birds that plague businesses. They roost on rooftops and nest in ventilation units as well as rafters. Fast food restaurants appear to get it the worst when it comes to being plagued by birds because there’s an abundance of food available, which also means there will be an abundance of droppings too. Bird droppings are not just unsightly, they are very hazardous for people.

Did you know that bird droppings can contain over 60 different types of transmittable diseases like salmonella, bird flu, West Nile, parrot fever, and histoplasmosis? These diseases are broken down into three types:  bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. They also carry parasites such as lice, mites and fleas.

But, diseases aren’t the only issue. Pedestrians can also slip and fall, if too many droppings are spread throughout parking lots and sidewalks. This could lead to a possible lawsuit, not too mention a hefty fine for a code violation. Their droppings can also erode buildings over time, leaving a hefty bill for renovation.

Thousands of dollars are spent every year to clean up the damage that birds leave behind. They build nests in areas that not only can cause electrical fires but also water leaks as well. Their nests can also carry and spread disease too. They breed certain types of fungi and host parasites. These nests are super cute and can be mesmerizing to watch, but since they are full of diseases, it’s important to keep birds from building nests in and around your property.

Birds can also contaminate food supply in warehouses and the longer they are allowed to roost in an area, the harder it is to get them to leave.

These factors alone are huge reasons you need bird protection services for your business. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal wants to help you with that

Wildout’s Bird Protection Services offers bird netting, which can help keep birds from entering your property. This clean looking, highly effective bird net is humane, but expensive. Wildout also offers physical barriers that can be used to keep birds away such as birds slopes and plexiglass. A bait and trap method can also be used, but since birds usually come in groups, they are usually removed a group at a time. A shock or jolt track can also be installed in and around your business too. The electricity is metered down so that the harm to the birds is very small. It’s also highly effective and can be used against other pests as well.

Birds! Birds! Birds! Have you had enough? Call Wildout today! 1-844-WILDOUT

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