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Five Fall Facts About Wasps

Fall is right around the corner and while most insects like to take the time to hibernate, some insects use fall as their prime season. 

Wasps include a lot of different insect species, but typically when you hear the word wasp, you start to think about flying insects that have yellow and black markings and a narrow waist. It is their long, narrow body that really separates them from bees for most people. 

Five Fall Facts: 

  1. Wasps are Social- This means that wasps can be seen working together, much like bees. During the winter months, wasps do not stick to their nests but instead abandon them and they usually do not go back to their nest. Queens that have been fertilized tend to spend the winter in protected areas under the ground or places with tree bark coverage. During the spring, the queen will emerge from her hidden shelter and start building a new nest with mud and plant-based materials.
  2. Wasps are Prodigious Predators- They are carnivorous creatures and will typically eat small insects or eggs laid by smaller insects. To feed their young (larval) wasps, they will bring back eggs or small insects to their nest. In tropical islands, wasps are noted for controlling pest populations due to their predatory behavior. 
  3. Wasps Help Our Plant Life:  As mentioned in the last fact, wasps are predators so they eat on small pests that devastate plant life. This means our vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices are constantly being targeted by their own predators who are being targeted by wasps. If you see wasps around your garden, they are taking care of the insects who plan to disrupt it. They are a type of organic pest control. 
  4. Wasps Die From the Cold- Colonies peak in production in the late summer, but once a hard freeze sets in, most wasps die unless they are protected underground or within a safe shelter. 
  5. Wasps Do Not Nest Long-Term- Have you ever noticed that a wasp builds a nest during the spring, but within months, it leaves the nest never to return again? Wasps do not have a nest site fidelity. Unlike birds, they will not return once all their young are born.

Have you noticed wasps in or around your home? Most often, wasps do not bother people as long as they do not feel threatened. In fact, they are very interesting to watch as they create their nests, lay their eggs and work hard at maintaining it all. However, if you just really do not want wasps hanging around your yard, call Wildout Animal and Pest Removal to get rid of them for you. Wildout can provide you with a free and through inspection of your home or business to find out where the wasps are building their nests. Not only can they remove wasps from your yard, they will take measures to lessen the chance of them returning. 
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