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How Weather Affects Pests

How Weather Affects Pests

As the season changes, the type of pest that roams our yards, homes or businesses changes too. Sometimes, ants are more of an issue, other times it’s bees and then during the colder months, it’s usually rodents. What the weather is doing outside has a huge effect on what type of pests roam near you and their behaviour.

Hot Weather

  • Right now is the season for heat and with it only getting hotter, more pests are going to be scurrying into our homes looking for a place to cool off.
  • With the weather warmer, insect reproduction increases. This is the reason that we tend to see even more bugs when it starts to cool off.
  • As the temperature starts to go up, so do the metabolic rates of insects and so, they tend to eat more to survive. Because they are always hungry, we start to see them more in our homes or businesses. Most people even find more pests in their garden.
  • Interesting fact: crickets can tell you what the weather is like outside. They chirp more when the weather is warm.

Dry Weather

  • Pests, just like humans, need water to survive.
  • Exterior dry conditions will send pests scurrying into your home or business looking for water. This is why you will find more around your bathroom or kitchen. This includes ants, roaches, crickets, etc.
  • The hotter and drier the weather is, the more pests will multiply.
  • Because mosquitoes need water in order to lay their eggs, dry weather will stand in the way of their reproduction efforts.

Cold Weather

  • Some pests cannot produce their own body heat and therefore, look to homes and businesses to provide warmth and shelter.
  • As temps start to drop outside, spiders and cockroaches are two insects who will find a way into your home to stay warm.
  • During the colder months, many pests start to feel a bit sluggish. Winged pests usually find it very hard to fly when the weather is too cold.

Wet Weather

  • There are some pests that love wet weather: mosquitoes, stick bugs, termites, cockroaches, etc. They thrive in wet conditions.
  • As mentioned before, mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. So if there has been a lot of heavy rainfall, expect more mosquitoes.
  • Spiders, ants and roaches will drown if they cannot find a way out of the rain, which is why you will find more in your home if it’s been raining for days.

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