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How Susceptible is Your Home to Rat/Mouse Damage?

Fall and winter are the prime time for rats and mice because they love to burrow into a warm place. This means that there are more rodents found in homes during this time of the year. 

To find out how susceptible your home is to rat and mouse damage, you simply have to ask yourself these important questions.

  1. Are there openings for them to get in?

Rodents will find a way if there isn’t one sometimes by chewing a hole through an entire wall. So this isn’t always an easy fix. However, when it comes to rat or mouse damage, it is a good tip to make sure that you do have easy openings for them. Check your windows and your foundation. Make sure cracks are sealed up tight and make sure you don’t have any spaces where they can slip through. Most pest control companies offer a free inspection to check for possible pest entry ways. 

  1. Do you keep food out? 

Rodents love to roam homes looking for food and if they find it there once, they will be back. It’s important to always keep food in tight-sealed containers. This is especially true for any residence that is in a place that is known for a higher rodent population. However, rats and mice don’t just come into your home because you left last night’s ravioli out, they can come in for small pests as well. They really like cockroaches, which like to roam homes too. 

  1. Do you have a water leak?

Rodents like leaky pipes because it’s an easy water source for them. If you have a water leak, you will want to fix it before it starts to attract pests and cause damage to your home. 

  1. Is your home full of clutter? 

They don’t call it a rat pack for no reason. Rodents love clutter, that is where they feel at home and the safest. They like very dark and undisturbed places like attics and basements. They usually come out at night when people are sleeping to get water and food. 

If your home provides all four of these things, rodents will never want to leave. So, you’ll have to kick them out. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal can do that for you. Now isn’t the time to name your mouse Jerry and provide it with a nice arch in the wall. Rodents can carry a lot of diseases and their urine and feces and that is where it’s transmitted, which can be left on your countertops or food that has been left out. 

Wildout will give you a free inspection to find out how rodents are getting into your home and what they are coming in for. They can get rid of the rodents for you and they can set up traps to catch future rodents. The great thing about Wildout is that they also have an attic restoration component to their pest control work. Rodents love to hide and lay their babies in the attic, which allows feces to be dropped all over the insulation of the attic. Wildout can restore that whole thing so that you won’t have to worry about feces being tracked through your whole house. Call today: 844-945-3688

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