How to Get Rid of Armadillos

Getting rid of armadillos is a frustrating task for an inexperienced trapper.  These funny looking critters are a terrible nuisance to homeowners who love to work or play in their lawns.  Armadillo burrowing can cause structural problems for your pool or even your house.  Not to mention the disease concerns that they are known to carry… leprosy? Really?  Unfortunately, yes.  Leprosy is a legitimate concern with armadillos.  Do not allow armadillos to hang around your home or business.  See below for our four step armadillo removal process.

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Step 1: A Thorough Free Inspection

Armadillo removal, as with all good pest control efforts, begins with a thorough inspection of the property.  A solution to your armadillo problem cannot be put into action until your problem is fully evaluated.  During your inspection we will be working to determine where your armadillos are coming from, why they are on your property, where they are living, how to trap them, and how to keep them away.  After answering as many of these questions as possible, we move on to step 2.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Armadillos

Trapping armadillos is a tricky task.  There is no effective bait to use in an armadillo trap.  In order to catch an armadillo you must know where it is coming from and where it is going so you can set a trap in the animal’s path.  You read that right, you have to get the critter to wander into the trap without any extra help.  It is a daunting task, but your Wildout team is up for it.  We use natural barriers and create funneling systems, some of which have spanned hundreds of feet in order to increase our odds of successfully trapping the problem armadillo(s).

Critter eviction, when it comes to armadillo control, is usually a matter of eliminating burrowing opportunities.  There are times when an opportunity exists to keep them out of the yard entirely.  You will, of course, know all of your options once we have completed the thorough inspection in step 1.  When eliminating burrows, we will close them permanently while keeping the area as pleasing to the eye as possible.

Step 4: Critter Repellent and Food Source Control

After your initial armadillo problem has been resolved, we will perform maintenance to keep them at bay.  On a regular basis, we will treat your yard with a repellent that will make the worms, grubs, and other insects that attract armadillos less appetizing .  Our intent is to convince them that your yard is not the best place for them to hang out.  However, we know that these measures are not foolproof (keeping animals out of your yard never is), so, as part of our ongoing maintenance program, we will be there to trap for you should the problem return at any time.

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